John William Hewett

Short Name: John William Hewett
Full Name: Hewett, John William, 1824-1886
Birth Year: 1824
Death Year: 1886

Hewett, John William, M.A., was born in 1824, and educated at Trinity College, Cambridge (B.A. 1849, M.A. 1852). From 1849 to 1852 he was a Fellow of St. Nicolas College, Shoreham; and subsequently he was Head Master of Bloxham Grammar School (1853-56), and Senior Classical Master in the North London College School (1874-78). He has also held curacies in London and the neighbourhood. He edited The Sealed Copy of the Prayer Book, 1848, and other works, and is the author of History and Description of Exeter Cathedral; and another of Ely. His original hymns and translations appeared in his Verses by a Country Curate 1859. From this work the following hymns have come into common use:—
1. In the Name of God the Father. Holy Communion. The 2nd stanza begins,"Lo in wondrous condescension," and the 3rd, "Here in figure represented."
2. Jesu, now Thy new-made soldier. After Holy Baptism.
3. What time the evening shadows fall. SS. Simon & Jude.
4. Withdraw from every human eye. St. Bartholomew.
There are also two translations in Hymns Ancient & Modern, "Jesu, our Lenten fast to Thee," and "O Thou Who dost to man accord," q.v. His Verses contain several good hymns in addition to those named. In addition he contributed a few hymns (all signed by him) to the Lyra Messianica, 1864; and "Jesus, Thy presence we adore" (Communion) to The Eucharistic Hymnal, 1877.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology

Texts by John William Hewett (9)sort descendingAsInstances
Christ with mighty triumph risesJohn W. Hewett (Author)2
Hail, the holy day of daysJohn W. Hewett (Author)8
In the name of God the FatherJ. W. Hewett (Author)10
Jesus, our Lenten fast of theeJohn W. Hewett (Translator (from Latin))1
O hail the holy day of daysJohn W. Hewett (Author)2
O Thou who dost accord usJohn William Hewett (Author)3
O thou who dost to man accordJohn William Hewett (Author)4
Virgin mother, oh, rejoice!John W. Hewett (Translator)2
What time the evening shadows fallJ. W. Hewett (Author)3
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