E. J. Hopkins

E. J. Hopkins
Short Name: E. J. Hopkins
Full Name: Hopkins, E. J. (Edward John), 1818-1901
Birth Year: 1818
Death Year: 1901

Edward John Hopkins, Mus. Doc.; b. Westminster, England, 1818; d. London, 1901

Evangelical Lutheran Hymnal, 1908

Tunes by E. J. Hopkins (82)sort descendingAsInstances
ABBEY (Hopkins)E. J. Hopkins (Composer)1
ABRIDGE (Smith)Edward John Hopkins (1818-1901) (Harmonizer)1
ALLELUIA DULCE CARMENEdward J. Hopkins (Composer)5
ANGELS' SONG (Mendelssohn)E. J. Hopkins (Arranger)3
ARTAVIAEdward J. Hopkins (Composer)19
BARNBY'S HYMNARY, TUNE 621Edward John Hopkins (1818-) (Composer)2
BEECHERDr. E. J. Hopkins, 1818-1901 (Harmonizer)1
BENEDICTUS (Hopkins)E. J. Hopkins (Composer)2
[Blessed are the poor in spirit] (Hopkins)Edward John Hopkins, 1818-1901 (Composer)1
Chant (Hopkins 32172)Edward John Hopkins, 1818-1901 (Composer)7
[Chant] (Hopkins 34325)Hopkins (Composer)2
BONUM EST CONFITERI (Hopkins)Edward J. Hopkins (Composer)2
BRENT TORE. J. Hopkins (Composer)2
BUCKLEBURYEdward J. Hopkins, 1818 - 1901 (Harmonizer)1
[Chant] (Hopkins 35511)E. J. Hopkins (Composer)13
CHILDREN'S VOICESEdward J. Hopkins (Composer)13
CHRISTMAS MORN (Hopkins)Edward J. Hopkins (Composer)9
CREATION (Hopkins)Edward J. Hopkins (Composer)1
CROWLEEdward John Hopkins (Arranger)2
CULFORDEdward John Hopkins (Composer)18
DEVAEdward John Hopkins, 1818-1901 (Composer)13
EDLINGHAME. J. Hopkins (Composer)2
EIN FESTE BURGEdward John Hopkins (1818-1901) (Harmonizer (probable))1
ELLERSEdward J. Hopkins (Composer)240
EPIPHANY (Hopkins)Edward J. Hopkins (Composer)6
EXPECTATION (Hopkins)Edward J. Hopkins (Composer)1
FENITON COURTEdward J. Hopkins (Composer)5
[God be merciful unto us and bless us] (Hopkins)Edward John Hopkins, 1808-1901 (Composer)3
AMERICA (Thesaurus Musicus)E. J. Hopkins (Harmonizer)1
TEMPLE (Hopkins)E. J. Hopkins, Mus. Doc. (Composer)16
HADDOE. J. Hopkins (Composer)2
HERMON (Clarke)Edward J. Hopkins (Adapter)1
HARTLAND (Hopkins)Edward John Hopkins, 1818-1901 (Composer)2
HAZELWOODEdward John Hopkins (1818— ) (Composer)3
HEBER (Hopkins)Edward J. Hopkins (Composer)7
HOLLANDDr. E. J. Hopkins, 1818-1901 (Adapter)2
JEHOVAH (Hopkins)Edward John Hopkins (Composer)6
[Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord]E. Hopkins (Arranger)1
KELSO (Hopkins)E. J. Hopkins (Composer)28
KENWYN (Hopkins)E. J. Hopkins (Composer)3
KNOWSLEYEdward J. Hopkins, 1818-1901 (Composer)2
LAETABUNDUSE. J. Hopkins (Composer)2
ST. JOSEPH (Hopkins)E. J. Hopkins, Mus. Doc. (Composer)3
[Chant] (Hopkins 56545)Edward John Hopkins, 1818-1901 (Composer)4
[Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel]Dr. E. J. Hopkins, 1818-1901 (Composer)4
[Chant] (Hopkins 32175)Dr. E. J. Hopkins, 1818-1901 (Composer)2
AR HYD Y NOSE. Hopkins (Arranger)2
NUKAPUE. J. Hopkins (Composer)3
[O all ye Works of the Lord] (Hopkins)E. J. Hopkins (Composer)2
PASCALE. J. Hopkins, Mus. Doc. (Composer)6
OLD 44thEdward John Hopkins, 1818-1901 (Harmonizer)2
PAPWORTHEdward J. Hopkins (Composer)3
PRAISEE. J. Hopkins (Composer)2
ST. RAPHAEL (Hopkins)Edward J. Hopkins (Composer)36
REDCLIFFEdward John Hopkins (Composer)6
REX GLORIAE (Hopkins)E. J. Hopkins (Composer)2
ROCHESTER (Days)E. J. Hopkins (Harmonizer)4
ROCKLANDSEdward J. Hopkins (Composer)2
SACRAMENT (Hopkins)Edward John Hopkins, 1818-1901 (Composer)8
SHROPSHIREEdward John Hopkins (Composer)2
EVANGEL (Hopkins)E. J. Hopkins, Mus. Doc. (Composer)5
ST. ATHANASIUSEdward J. Hopkins (Composer)33
ST. ELWYNEdward J. Hopkins (Composer)5
ST. JUSTE. J. Hopkins (Composer)2
ST. PHILIP (Hopkins)Edward John Hopkins, Mus.D., 1818- (Composer)7
ST. PIRANE. J. Hopkins (Composer)4
TARRINGEdward John Hopkins (Composer)3
[We praise Thee O God]Dr. E. J. Hopkins, 1818-1901 (Composer)2
ST. HUGH (Hopkins)E. J. Hopkins, Mus. Doc. (Composer)23
THE SUN IS SINKING FAST (Hopkins)Edward John Hopkins, Mus.D. (1818-) (Composer)2
TEMPLARSE. J. Hopkins, Mus. Doc. (Composer)2
TIDESWELLEdward J. Hopkins (Composer)2
TIVOLIEdward J. Hopkins (Composer)3
TORONTO (Hopkins)E. J. Hopkins (Composer)4
TRIBUTEE. J. Hopkins (Composer)2
TUNE 82 (Hopkins)E. J. Hopkins (Composer)2
UNAE. J. Hopkins (Composer)2
VAUGHAN (Hopkins)Edward J. Hopkins (Composer)2
WESSEXEdward J. Hopkins (Composer)5
WEST HEATHEdward John Hopkins, 1818-1901 (Composer)2
WILDERSMOUTH (Hopkins)Edward J. Hopkins (Composer)9
WRAYSBURYEdward J. Hopkins (Composer)6
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