William L. Hopper

Short Name: William L. Hopper
Full Name: Hopper, William L., 1915-
Birth Year: 1915

Hopper, William L. (Bryson, Texas, August 10, 1915-- ). Church of God. Wrote for the Tennessee Music and Printing Company and for Stamps Quarter Company. Listed in the 1968 edition of Who's Who in Texas and the 1973 Personalities of the South. Author of book on Texas history, Famous Texas Landmarks. Ordained minister. Pastorates included: Ft. Worth, Mineral Wells, and Mesquite, all in Texas.

--Bob J. Neil, DNAH Archives

Texts by William L. Hopper (33)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Don't forget the priceWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
I can face every trial that may come to meWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
I drifted afar from the Lord and His mercyRev. W. L. H. (Author)2
I had a talk with Jesus, I met him faceWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
I once was lost in sin, had no peace withinWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
If I knew of a land where no sorrowWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
I'm just a stranger in this lowland of sinWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
I'm living close to JesusWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
I'm so glad that Christ, my Lord reached outRev. W. L. H. (Author)2
I'm sure you've heard the storyWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
In my heart there is shiningWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
In this world of care, burdens I must bearWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
I've found the way that I must travelWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
Jesus died that I might have itWilliam L. Hopper (Author)4
Jesus is the King of gloryWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
My heart is o'erflowing, I'm happy to tellWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
O take me, Lord, and use meWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
Often I think of my loved ones thereWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
Old Ezekiel went down in the valley one dayWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
Old Jacob saw a ladderWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
Sailing along on life's dark seaWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
Stormy winds around may blowWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
The Lord is coming to gather his childrenWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
The Word of God is just the sameWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
There is a great story, story from heavenWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
There is something about the name of JesusWilliam L. Hopper (Author)English2
There may not be gold at the end of the trailWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
There's a feeling in my soul, makes the hallelujahs rollWilliam L. Hopper (Author)English4
There's a lovely land somewhereWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
We read that in Jerusalem a meeting was begunWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
We the people of the Lord are marchingWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
When you are heart sick and wearyWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
Who, tell me who lights the stars at nightWilliam L. Hopper (Author)2
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