William Wales Horne

Short Name: William Wales Horne
Full Name: Horne, William Wales, 1773-1826
Birth Year: 1773
Death Year: 1826

Home, William Wales, born in 1773 at Gissing, in Norfolk. In 1793 he became minister of a small Baptist Church at Tibenham, in the same county; thence removed, in 1797, to Yarmouth, thence to Leicester, and about 1806, to London. In London he preached first at the City Chapel, in Grub Street; then, for many years, at Trinity Hall, Aldersgate Street, and Hephzibah Chapel, Limehouse, taking services every Sunday at both places; finally (the two congregations having united) at Ebenezer Chapel, Commercial Road. Whilst pastor of this church he died, in 1826.
Whilst minister at Tibenham, Home published a small volume entitled New Songs of Sion; or Short Hymns collected from the Scriptures of the Old Testament, London, Mathews, 1794. In 1802, when at Leicester, he published A Selection of Hymns for Public Worship, selected from the best authors, including also a great many original hymns. This contained 310 hymns, 9 being his own composition. In 1806, when minister in Grub Street, London, he published Sion's Harmony; or the United Praises of Ransomed Sinners; a complete Selection of Hymns for Public Worship. This contained 513 hymns, 22 being by him. In 1812 an Appendix appeared, and in 1823 a new ed. of the entire book, as Sion's Harmony of Praise; a Selection of Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs, for Public, Social, & Private Worship, from the best Hymn Writers; with a variety of original pieces, by W. W. Horne, Lond. printed by W. Woodcock, 1823. This Selection contains 752 hymns, 95 being by Horne. Home's own compositions have but little merit. Being Calvinistic in sentiment a few have been introduced into hymn-books used by congregations holding that form of doctrine. Two are in Snepp's Songs of Grace & Glory, and others in Denham's & Gadsby's Selections. These include:-—
1. Draw near, ye saints, with sweetest praise. Praise to Jesus.
2. Death is no more a frightful foe (1806). Victory over death.
3. Sing to the Lord, Whose matchless love. The Father's Love. [Rev. W. R. Stevenson, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology