Alfred J. Hough

Short Name: Alfred J. Hough
Full Name: Hough, Alfred J., 1848-1922
Birth Year: 1848
Death Year: 1922

Born: Circa November 1848, Surrey, England.

Hough, a minister, was living with his family in Ludlow, Vermont, by 1880, and in Hartford, Vermont, in 1900. He became a naturalized American citizen in 1890. His works include:

Solomon’s Song Re-Sung
Odd Fellowship in Song: Five Famous Poems, 1888
Egyptian Melodies, and Other Poems (Boston, Massachusetts: The Gorham Press, 1911)

Texts by Alfred J. Hough (26)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Arise, fellow leaguers, to the harvest field awayRev. Alfred J. Hough (Author)English2
Assembled in the Master's nameAlfred J. Hough (Author)English3
At the cross my burden losingRev. Alfred J. Hough (Author)English2
But yesterday, a little bandAlfred J. Hough (Author)English2
Come, Thou Spirit, wounding, healingAlfred J. Hough (Author)English2
Come weal, come woe, wherever we goAlfred J. Hough (Author)English26
Floods of mercy break around usRev. A. J. Hough (Author)English8
Holding on to Jesus with the crown in sightRev. Alfred J. Hough (Author)English7
How lovely is Jesus, the Lamb that was slainAlfred J. Hough (Author)English6
I am holding on to Christ, with the crown in sightRev. A. J. Hough (Author)English5
In olden days when our father's put the enemyAlfred J. Hough (Author)2
Jesus is our Savior KingAlfred J. Hough (Author)2
Just a baby in a cradleAlfred J. Hough (Author)English2
Many at the cross are kneelingRev. A. J. Hough (Author)English14
Mein Fels, meine Burg in der Wüste der WeltAlfred J. Hough (Author)German1
O Jesus, hear my cryRev. A. J. Hough (Author)English2
O Master of the harvest fieldAlfred J. Hough (Author)English2
Out from the gates of the city of goldAlfred J. Hough (Author)English3
Over, and over, and over againAlfred J. Hough (Author)English3
Savior, I have heard Thee pleadingRev. Alfred J. Hough (Author)English5
Tell the story, tender, sweetAlfred J. Hough (Author)English8
The blessed hour when Leaguers meetAlfred J. Hough (Author)English2
The infidels a motley bandAlfred J. Hough (Author)English2
The winds from the garden of Eden are blowingRev. Alfred J. Hough (Author)English2
Thousands stand today in sorrowAlfred J. Hough (Author)English43
Where sun ever burns, and the wind ever blowsRev. J. A. Hough (Author)English3
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