Walter E. Howell

Short Name: Walter E. Howell
Full Name: Howell, Walter E. does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Walter E. Howell (42)sort descendingAsInstances
As we travel to and fro in this wicked world belowW. E. H. (Author)2
Bells of happiness ringing for meWalter E. Howell (Author)2
Dear Lord, from whom all blessings flowWalter E. Howell (Author)5
Death is only our translation to the land where joys abideW. E. H. (Author)2
Echoes from the past, how pleasant to live them o'er againW. E. H. (Author)2
Evening sun is slowly sinkingWalter E. Howell (Author)2
Good morning, good morningW. E. H. (Author)2
Gwyn a gwridog yw fy ArglwyddW. Howells (Translator)1
Here in sadness we roamWalter E. Howell (Author)2
Hide, O hide me gentle SaviorW. E. H. (Author)3
I am on a journey to heaven's grand estateWalter E. Howell (Author)2
I am sailing for lands afar, going to gates that stand ajarW. E. H. (Author)2
I need the love of my Lord, the saving pow'r of His wordW. E. H. (Author)2
I want to follow my Lord and my MasterWalter E. Howell (Author)2
I'm glad that Jesus sought meWalter E. Howell (Author)2
I'm moving down the long trail, where joy and gladness prevailWalter E. Howell (Author)3
In the far off sweet beyondWalter E. Howell (Author)2
In this changing world I dreamWalter E. Howell (Author)2
In treading life's uneven wayWalter E. Howell (Author)2
I've a comforter on my journeyWalter E. Howell (Author)2
I've left the sins of Egypt, I'm bound for Canaan's landW. E. H. (Author)2
Let every voice praise the matchlessWalter E. Howell (Author)2
Longing for realms of gladnessW. E. H. (Author)2
Lord, I come at close of dayWalter E. Howell (Author)2
Lord, teach me how to prayW. E. H. (Author)2
Marching with Jesus, my SaviorWalter E. Howell (Author)2
Once I wandered in the darkness, Lost in sin, despised, undoneW. E. H. (Author)2
Once I wandered, out on the mountainWalter E. Howell (Author)3
Out upon the angry ocean, wild and lonelyW. E. H. (Author)2
Over in that land of songWalter E. Howell (Author)2
Singing keeps me happy as I tread this pilgrim wayWalter E. Howell (Author)2
There is joy in the Lord as we march alongWalter E. Howell (Author)2
There's a land of fadeless beauty far beyond the starry skyW. E. H. (Author)2
There's bound to be partings [trouble] hereWalter E. Howell (Author)3
These are days that try the soulsWalter E. Howell (Author)2
To and fro the church bells swingW. E. H. (Author)1
When Jesus called me through His blessed wordW. E. H. (Author)2
When Jesus came to earth from gloryWalter E. Howell (Author)2
When the cares of earth shall have passed awayWalter E. Howell (Author)4
When traveling days are over and doneWalter E. Howell (Author)2
When troubles worry you and your heart is heavy, weary and sadWalter E. Howell (Author)4
When we reach heaven, by and byWalter E. Howell (Author)2
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