J. A. Hultman

J. A. Hultman
Short Name: J. A. Hultman
Full Name: Hultman, J. A. (Johannes Alfred), 1861-1942
Birth Year: 1861
Death Year: 1942

Wikipedia Biography

Johannes Alfred Hultman (1861–1942) was a Swedish evangelist, singer, musician, composer and publisher, who spread the Good News in the United States and Sweden for over half a century. In 1885 he was one of the founding members of the Evangelical Mission Covenant Church.

Texts by J. A. Hultman (22)sort descendingAsInstances
Gud ske lov, min sjæl er frelstJ. A. Hultman (Author)2
Halleluja, stem i en sangJ. A. H. (Author)2
Hvad er vort Liv paa JordenJ. A. H. (Author)2
I sing of the Savior whose death made me wholeJohannes A. Hultmann (Author)2
Jag är en liten pilgrimJ. A. Hultman (Author)2
Jesus hafver mig foer lossatJohannes A. Hultmann (Author)2
Jesus kommer, Jesus kommerJ. A. H. (Author)2
Kjære Jesus, lad os hvileJ. A. H. (Author)2
Min harpa jag st'mmer och sjunger en saangJohannes A. Hultmann (Author)2
Min sj'l prisar storligen HerrenJohannes A. Hultmann (Author)2
Nu vi vandrer til JerusalemJ. A. Hultman (Author)2
O huru saligt att i unga aarenJohannes A. Hultmann (Author)2
O Jesu, slut mig i din famnJohannes A. Hultmann (Author)2
O, nu vil jeg synge en frydefuld sangJ. A. H. (Author)2
O nu vill jag sjungaJohannes A. Hultmann (Author)3
Op til Zions stad, til JerusalemJ. A. Hultman (Author)2
'r det v'l r'tt att jag i noed och sm'rtaJohannes A. Hultmann (Author)2
Se, vi vandra till JerusalemJohannes A. Hultmann (Author)2
Snart er striden endt hernedeJ. A. H. (Author)2
Soon all earthly strife will vanishJohannes Alfred Hultman, 1861-1942 (Author)1
They come from the east and west, they come from north and southJohannes A. Hultmann (Author)1
Vort salige hjem er i himlen hos GudJ. A. H. (Author)2

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