Frank C. Huston

Frank C. Huston
Short Name: Frank C. Huston
Full Name: Huston, Frank C. (Frank Claude), 1871-1959
Birth Year: 1871
Death Year: 1959

Huston, Frank C. (Orange, Indiana, September 12, 1871--October 14, 1959, Jacksonville, Florida). Both parents were musically inclined, and at the age of 12, he was playing cornet in a local concert band. By the age of 17, he was singing regularly in male and mixed voice units, and at 18, he was conducting church music. Education: Moody Bible Institute. Studied with W.M. Hackleman (a cousin), D.B. Towner, W.C. Caffin, and Charles H. Gabriel.

On May 13, 1894, he married Bertha Martin. There were seven children. He spent a brief period as a public school teacher, then became a singing evangelist and traveled for a time with the Charles Reign Scoville Party. He served as Chaplain in the First World War and continued his interest and participation in patriotic organizations. He served a term as Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War and a term as national president of the Federated Patriotic Societies. While in his eighties, he served as chaplain for the Jacksonville Chapter of the Coast Guard.

He was ordained to the ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in 1915. He owned and operated his own publishing company in Indiana for a number of years and was a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. Frank Huston is credited with more than 400 songs, some patriotic. His two best-known hymns, for which he wrote both words and music, are: "It Pays to Serve Jesus," written in 1909, and "The Christ of the Cross," which was copyrighted in 1924. Among the several hundred others are: "Keep on Believing," "The Word of God Shall Stand," "Lead On, O Christ, Thou Holy One," and "O Holy Day of Pentecost." A book, On Hundred Hymns and Gospel Songs, was published in 1955. For the last 18 years of his life, Huston lived in Florida Christian Home in Jacksonville, a home for the aged maintained by the Christian Church. There, he was active with his music and voluminous correspondence. Funeral services were held in the Edgewood Avenue Christian Church in Jacksonville, Florida, and interment was in Knightstown, Indiana.

--Carlton C. Buck, DNAH Archives

During World War I, Governor Goodrich of Indiana appointed Huston chaplain of the 150th Field Artillery, Rainbow Division, but through some mistake he was never called to join the regiment before the war ended. His services, however, were in great demand in his home state and city, and he became widely known as the "Singing Chaplain." In World War II, Huston volunteered his services to the Coast Guard Auxiliary. He was made a boatswain’s mate when he was 74 and given duty as a recruiter. He was discharged as an ensign. His works include:

Selected Sacred Songs (Jacksonville, Florida: Frank C. Huston, 1937)

Texts by Frank C. Huston (37)sort descendingAsInstances
A glorious time is coming when we all get homeFrank C. Huston (Author)9
From many a sainted motherFrank C. Huston (Author)2
He is coming back againFrank C. Huston (Author)2
Here, before Thee, Savior, we would lowly bowFrank C. Huston (Author)2
Here, dear Savior, I come to theeFrank C. Huston (Author)3
I am living abundantlyFrank C. Huston (Author)2
I have a Savior so kind and tenderFrank C. Huston (Author)6
I know not when my Lord shall call meFrank C. Huston (Author)2
I want my life to tell for JesusFrank C. Huston (Author)1
In Jesus my Savior I'm happy all dayFrank C. Huston (Author)2
Let in the sunlight, my brother, todayFrank C. Huston (Author)2
O holy day of pentecostF. C. H. (Author)3
O this world is full of beautyFrank C. Huston (Author)4
O 'tis wonderful, the love I seeFrank C. Huston (Author)2
On Calvary's brow there was planted a crossF. C. H. (Author)10
Out from the heart of the Savior's loveFrank C. Huston (Author)2
Praise ye the Lord, all ye ends of the earthFrank C. Huston (Author)2
Since I gave my all to JesusFrank C. Huston (Author)2
Since I stopped and listened to JesusFrank C. Huston (Author)2
Since Jesus, my Savior, brought peace to my soulFrank C. Huston (Author)4
Some day, all my wanderings and trials shall ceaseFrank C. Huston (Author)3
Some day my blessed Redeemer will sayFrank C. Huston (Author)2
Sometimes, the shadows gatherF. C. H. (Author)9
The service of Jesus true pleasure affordsF. C. H. (Author)61
The word of God shall ever standFrank C. Huston (Author)8
There is a hill most dear to meFrank C. Huston (Author)2
There is joy in the service (Huston)Frank C. Huston (Author)2
There's a wondrous home far beyondFrank C. Huston (Author)3
There's a wondrous time that's comingF. C. H. (Author)2
Toward the dawning dayFrank C. Huston (Author)2
We all are fellow sailorsFrank C. Huston (Author)2
We are here to tell of the love of GodFrank C. Huston (Author)4
We are Jesus' sunbeamsFrank C. Huston (Author)2
We come to sing of our Savior KingFrank C. Huston (Author)4
When our toiling here is o'erFrank C. Huston (Author)4
When the days may be darkFrank C. Huston (Author)2
Wondrous love of Jesus, spread the news aroundF. C. H. (Arranger)2

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