Herbert Stephen Irons

Short Name: Herbert Stephen Irons
Full Name: Irons, Herbert Stephen, 1834-1905
Birth Year: 1834
Death Year: 1905

Born: January 19, 1834, Canterbury, Kent, England.
Died: June 29, 1905, Nottingham, England.

Irons was a nephew of the brothers Stephen & George Elvey. He became a chorister at Canterbury Cathedral under T. E. Jones. After studying music under Stephen Elvey at Oxford, he was appointed organist at St. Columba’s College, a large public school at Rathfarnham, near Dublin, Ireland. He stayed there only a few months before being offered the position of organist at Southwell Minister. From Southwell, he went to Chester as assistant organist to Frederic Gunton. Three years later, he accepted an appointment at St. Andrew’s Church, Nottingham, where he remained until his death.


Tunes by Herbert Stephen Irons (17)sort descendingAsInstances
SONG 1Herbert S. Irons (Adapter)1
CRUCIFER (Irons)Herbert Stephen Irons (Composer)2
[Gently falls the winter snow] (Irons)Herbert Stephen Irons (Composer)2
[Guide me, O thou great Jehovah] (Irons)H. S. Irons (Composer)2
[Hark! the full-voiced choir is singing]Herbert Stephan Irons (Arranger)2
HEAVENLY VOICESHerbert Stephen Irons (Composer)1
PATMOS (Storer)H. S. Irons (Composer)1
HOPE (Irons)Herbert Stephen Irons (Composer)10
[How blest were they on Bethlehem's plain]Herbert Stephens Irons (Arranger)2
IRONS (Irons)Herbert Stephen Irons (Composer)2
LONG MOTTHerbert Stephen Irons (Composer)3
MAGIHerbert Stephen Irons (Composer)2
MANIFESTATIONHerbert Stephen Irons (1834-) (Composer)2
[Angel hosts in bright array]Herbert Stephen Irons (Composer)2
SOUTHWELL (Irons)Herbert Stephen Irons (Composer)43
ST. CHRYSOSTOM (Irons)Herbert Stephen Irons (Composer)2
ST. COLUMBA (Irons)Herbert Stephen Irons (Composer)19
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