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M. A. Kidder

M. A. Kidder
Short Name: M. A. Kidder
Full Name: Kidder, M. A. (Mary Ann), 1820-1905
Birth Year: 1820
Death Year: 1905

Mary Ann Pepper Kidder USA 1820-1905. Born at Boston, MA, she was a poet, writing from an early age. She went blind at age 16, but miraculously recovered her sight the following year. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1844 she married Ellis Usher Kidder, a music publisher, working for the firm founded by his brother, Andrew, and they had three children: Mary Frances, Edward, and Walter. That year they moved to Charlestown, MA, and in 1857 to New York City. When the American Civil War broke out, Ellis enlisted in the 4th Regiment as a private. Mustered in for two years of service, he died of disease in 1862, six days after participating in the Battle of Antietam. Left alone, with three children to care for, her writing hobby became a much needed source of income. She began writing short stories, poems, and articles and submitting them to various magazines and newspapers. For over 25 years she wrote a poem each week to the New York Ledger and others to the Waverly Magazine and New York Fireside Companion. She also frequently contributed to the New York Weekly, Demorest’s Monthly, and Packard’s Monthly. It was estimated that she earned over $80,000 from her verse. She lost two of her children when Walter drowned while swimming, and 18 years later, her daughter, Mary Frances, a talented sketch artist, died of heart disease. Mary Ann was active in the temperance movement and one of the first members of the Sorosis club, a women’s club. She loved children and animals. Her daughter-in-law described her as gentle, patient, always serene, and a good listener. She was fiercely independent and refused to lean on others for support, mentally or materially. Mary Ann lived for 46 years in New York City. She is said to have written 1000+ hymn lyrics. She died at Chelsea, MA, at the home of her brother, Daniel, having lived there two years. It is said that her jet-black hair never turned gray, which was a real grief to her, as she longed for that in advancing age.

John Perry

Kidder, Mary Ann, née Pepper, who was born in Boston, Massachusetts, March 16, 1820, is the author of "Lord, I care not for riches" (Name in the Book of Life desired), and "We shall sleep, but not for ever" (Hope of the Resurrection), both of which are in I. D. Sankey's Sacred Songs & Solos, 1878.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Kidder, Mary Ann, née Pepper, p. 1576, i. Mrs. Kidder died at Chelsea, Mass., Nov. 25, 1905. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and resided for 46 years in New York City.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

Texts by M. A. Kidder (196)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A radiant shore of light and loveMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)5
Above the waves of earthly strifeMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)English28
Although 'tis many years since temperance work begunMary Ann Kidder (Author)3
Am I a lover of the LordMary Ann Kidder (Author)4
Are you weary, heavy laden (Kidder)Mary Ann Kidder (Author)2
Be kind to thy pastor - for many long yearsMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)2
Bear the news to every nationMary Ann Kidder (Author)3
Beautiful Eden, refuge of peaceMrs. Mary A. Kidder (Author)12
Beautiful spirit of faithMary A. Kidder (Author)2
Before I strive to save poor soulsMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)4
Bei der Arbeit, auf der Reise, Sing ich Zions-lieder gernMary A. Kidder (Author)German1
Bethlehem star, sweet gem of lightMary Ann Kidder (Author)5
Blessed Lord, thy invitationMary Ann Kidder (Author)9
Blow, ye golden trumpets, blowMary Ann Kidder (Author)English10
Brethren, let us work for JesusMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)2
Bright is the joy of the girl or boyMary A. Kidder (Author)3
Cherish kindly feelings, childrenMary Ann Kidder (Author)English7
Children, blest with every comfortMary Ann Kidder (Author)2
Come, come, come to the fount clear and sweetMary Ann Kidder (Author)4
Come each with happy heartMary A. Kidder (Author)2
Courage, courage, brothers, courageMary A. Kidder (Author)2
Crowned with light in a home of [in] gloryMary Ann Kidder (Author)English5
Dark is my skyMary Ann Kidder (Author)2
Dear Savior, all I think or doMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)11
Don't be idle, little childrenMary A. Kidder (Author)2
Don't drink it, Tom, don't drink itMary Ann Kidder (Author)2
Don't forget to do goodMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)1
Don't forget to read the BibleMary Ann Kidder (Author)4
Dort in Eden's Revier, so lieblich und schönMary A. Kidder (Author)German1
Edena nani! mala maikaiMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)Hawaiian2
Ej mig jorden förnöjerMary A. Kidder (Author)Swedish2
Ere you left your room this morningMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)English122
Every day I am nearer Canaan's shoreMary A. Kidder (Author)3
Far away beyond the shadows (Kidder)Mary A. Kidder (Author)2
Fear not, little flock, says the Savior divineMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)English30
For many years we've waitedMary Ann Kidder (Author)4
Forward shall be our watchwordMary A. Kidder (Author)3
Glory in the highest, glory, Saints and angels praise the mornMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)4
Go to Sunday school, Children doMary A. Kidder (Author)2
Good news and glad tidingsMary A. Kidder (Author)4
Gud, jag frågar ej efter hvarken makt eller guldM. A. Kidder (Author)Swedish4
Gud, jeg spørger ei efterMary A. Kidder (Author)Norwegian2
Hail, hail, hail, hail, blessed SabbathMary Ann Kidder (Author)3
Hail to this our festal greetingMary A. Kidder (Author)2
Happy and gay, I will hasten awayMary Ann Kidder (Author)4
Happy, happy festal day [eve]Mary A. Kidder (Author)3
Hark, and hear them singingMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)2
Have you paid, or care, or sorrowMary Ann Kidder (Author)3
Heavenly land beautiful land, how I longMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)2
Herr, ich bitt' nicht um ReichtumMary A. Kidder (Author)German1
Herr, nicht fleh' ich um ReichtumMary Ann Kidder (Author)German3
Holy and bright in the sweet sunlightMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)4
How I long to be there, where my spirit may restMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)English3
How sweet 'tis to thinkMary Ann Kidder (Author)4
How sweet will be the welcome homeMary Ann Kidder (Author)English25
I am bought not with richesMary Ann Kidder (Author)2
I am bought not with riches, Neither silver nor goldM. A. K. (Author)2
I dreamed a dream of heavenMary A. Kidder (Author)2
I have a home upon the earthMary A. Kidder (Author)2
I hear not a footstepMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)3
I look in vain for lightMary Ann Kidder (Author)2
I met a poor wanderer todayMary A. Kidder (Author)2
Ich begehre nicht ReichtumM. A. Kidder (Author)German1
I'll labor for the SaviorMary Ann Kidder (Author)2
In the church of the LordMary Ann Kidder (Author)3
In the highways, or the hedgesMary A. Kidder (Author)2
Is it well with your soul today, brother, Is it well with you today?Mrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)English3
Is my name written thereM. A. Kidder (Author)English2
It should ever be our ruleMary A. Kidder (Author)2
I've wandered all day in the pitless stormMary Ann Kidder (Author)2
Jesus, help me day by dayMary A. Kidder (Author)2
Jesus, I come to the fountMary A. Kidder (Author)2
Jesus, I turn to theeMary Ann Kidder (Author)9
Jesus my Savior, O keep me and guide meM. A. Kidder (Author)1
Jesus wants a messengerMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)3
Joy, joy, joy today, Joy, joy, joy today, We are marching onMary A. Kidder (Author)3
Kuko ola a'e au laMrs. Mary A. Kidder (Author)Hawaiian3
La puerta abrid a los niñosM. A. Kidder (Author)Spanish3
Lambs of the SaviorMary A. Kidder (Author)4
Leave me with Jesus, I ask for no otherMary Ann Kidder (Author)4
Let the children rejoice in Christ their KingMary A. Kidder (Author)2
Let us sing with joyMary A. Kidder (Author)2
Long my spirit pined in sorrowMary A. Kidder (Author)23
Look on me, Savior mineMary Ann Kidder (Author)2
Lord, I care not for riches, neither silver nor goldMary Ann Kidder (Author)English363
Los tesoros del mundo no deseo juntarMary A. Kidder (1820-1905) (Author)Spanish2
Make us faithful, blessed SaviorMary Ann Kidder (Author)2
Many sleep, but not foreverMary A. Kidder (Author)2
Mich verlangt nicht nach SchätzenMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)German6
Mother, watch the little feetMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)5
No matter what temptationsMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)4
No me importan riquezasMary A. Kidder (Author)Spanish5
Now, Uncle Sam, though well preparedMary A. Kidder (Author)2
O, blessed bond that makes us oneMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)2
O Father, behold thy wondering childMary Ann Kidder (Author)2
O give the drunkard freedomMary A. Kidder (Author)2
O happy, happy tidingsMary A. Kidder (Author)2
O have you seen the King of kingsMary Ann Kidder (Author)3
O how I love the SabbathMary Ann Kidder (Author)2
O how my spirit longs for theeMary Ann Kidder (Author)English17
O I'm a happy bluebird, sober, as you seeMary A. Kidder (Author)3
O Jesus, precious, bleeding LambMary A. Kidder (Author)4
O Jesus, we praise theeMary Ann Kidder (Author)2
O leave the crowded ranks of sinMary A. Kidder (Author)2
O let me sing the blessed songMary A. Kidder (Author)2
O let not your hearts be troubledMary A. Kidder (Author)12
O touch not the wine cup, dear brotherMary Ann Kidder (Author)2
O where are your hearts so lightMary Ann Kidder (Author)2
O where do you journey my brotherMary A. Kidder (Author)English4
O who is my neighbor pray tell meMary Ann Kidder (Author)8
Of all the sweet and holy soundsMary A. Kidder (Author)2
O we love our faithful pastorMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)2
On the sweet Eden shore, so peaceful and brightMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)12
On this beautiful Sabbath day, brotherMary A. Kidder (Author)2
Only just across the river, over on the other sideMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)14
Only this time, is the drunkard's cryMary A. Kidder (Author)3
Open the door for the childrenMary Ann Kidder (Author)English81
Our glorious flag, it floats on highMary A. Kidder (Author)2
Pressing onward looking upwardMary A. Kidder (Author)3
Rain down righteousness O JesusMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)2
Read, for the Bible's cheerful pageMary Ann Kidder (Author)2
Sag bruder wohin willst du gehenMary A. Kidder (Author)German1
Savior, keep me near Thy sideMary A. Kidder (Author)3
Savior, we wait for TheeMary Ann Kidder (Author)3
Savior, walk Thou still beside usMrs. Mary Ann Kidder, 1875 (Author)6
Say, earthly pilgrim, why delayMary A. Kidder (Author)2
Seek the face and favorMary A. Kidder (Author)2
Shall we meet no more to partMary Ann Kidder (Author)3
Shepherd, we stray, show us the wayMary Ann Kidder (Author)3
Songs of praise to thee, my SaviorMary A. Kidder (Author)2
Soon, O soon, I am going overM. A. K. (Author)1
Speed away, speed away, happy soul of the blestMary Ann Kidder (Author)6
Strains of music often greet me [us]Mary Ann Kidder (Author)English21
Strength for today is our only [all that we] needMary Ann Kidder (Author)3
Strength for today, that the weary heartsMary A. Kidder (Author)2
Strike, O strike for victoryMary Ann Kidder (Author)22
Sweet is the Savior's voiceMary A. Kidder (Author)2
Sweet salvation runneth freeMary Ann Kidder (Author)2
Sweetly dawns the Sabbath morningMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)English1
¿Te acordaste al levantarteM. A. Kidder (Author)Spanish3
Tell me, sun, in the clear blue skyMary Ann Kidder (Author)2
Tell me, watchman on the steepMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)3
The angels are coming upon their sweet missionMary A. Kidder (Author)2
The dewy, dewy rose of SharonMary A. Kidder (Author)5
The kingdom of Jesus is threaten'd we knowM. A. Kidder (Author)2
The lambs of the flockMary Ann Kidder (Author)2
The Lord, our God, is King, His rule, His name is loveMary Ann Kidder (Author)English4
The pleasures of the angel bandMary Ann Kidder (Author)5
The Sabbath bell so gayly breaksMary A. Kidder (Author)3
The sun rose clear on Sabbath mornMary Ann Kidder (Author)2
The sweet spring time is hereMary Ann Kidder (Author)2
Then palms of victory, crowns of gloryMary A. Kidder (Author)English1
There is a home in gloryMary A. Kidder (Author)3
There is a land, a peaceful landMary Ann Kidder (Author)3
There is a land of loveMary Ann Kidder (Author)5
There is many a rest in [on] the road of lifeMary Ann Kidder (Author)7
Though I'm but a little maidenMary A. Kidder (Author)2
Though the pathway is roughMary A. Kidder (Author)2
Though we sleep, 'tis not foreverMary Ann Kidder (Author)4
Thoughtless sinner, while you stayMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)4
'Tis better to seek JesusMary A. Kidder (Author)2
'Tis sweet with true and earnest willMary A. Kidder (Author)2
Vi skal sove, men ei evigtMary Ann Kidder (Author)Norwegian1
Wanderers from God and from mercy we strayMary Ann Kidder (Author)4
We are coming, blessed Savior, we hear Thy gentle voiceKidder (Author)English1
We are marching on to glory (Kidder)Mary Ann Kidder (Author)6
We are on our way to Zion's holy hillMrs. Mary A. Kidder (Author)7
We have heard the callMary A. Kidder (Author)2
We love the shining starsMary A. Kidder (Author)2
We may sleep, but not foreverMary Ann Kidder (Author)5
We shall sleep, but not foreverMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)English55
We soon shall be over the riverMary Ann Kidder (Author)2
We'll proclaim it from the mountainsMary A. Kidder (Author)2
We've 'listed in the holy warMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)English4
When I draw near thy pearly gateMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)4
When I think of Jesus' love, Jesus, blessed JesusMary Ann Kidder (Author)English9
When I'm dreaming, sadly dreamingMary Ann Kidder (Author)6
When light comes o'er the plainMary A. Kidder (Author)4
When my sins before me lieMary A. Kidder (Author)2
When rosey morning dawnethMary A. Kidder (Author)2
When sorrows brood above meMary A. Kidder (Author)2
When the heart is bowed in anguishMary A. Kidder (Author)2
When the rosy morning dawnethMary Ann Kidder (Author)3
When the scenes of earth have fadedMary Ann Kidder (Author)3
When the way looks darkMary A. Kidder (Author)2
When we go up from JordanMary A. Kidder (Author)3
Whether joys possess the soulMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)2
While we're singingMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)3
Why despond, though trials comeMary A. Kidder (Author)English3
Why, my laddie, to my questionMary A. Kidder (Author)2
Why should I covet richesMary A. Kidder (Author)1
Why should we love the waysMary A. Kidder (Author)English2
Wonderful cross by faith I seeMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)4
Would you know where the birds sing sweetestM. A. Kidder (Author)6
Ye who know the Lord of gloryMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)English4
Yonder the flowers immortal growMrs. M. A. Kidder (Author)2

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