Aldine S. Kieffer

Aldine S. Kieffer
Short Name: Aldine S. Kieffer
Full Name: Kieffer, Aldine S., 1840-1904
Birth Year: 1840
Death Year: 1904

Full name Aldine Silliman Kiefer

Wikipedia Biography

Aldine Silliman Kieffer (August 1, 1840 – November 30, 1904) was a leading 19th century proponent of shape note musical notation, music teacher and publisher. Kieffer was born near Miami, Saline County, Missouri. He died in Dayton, Virginia, and is buried there. Kieffer taught singing schools and used his songbooks in the schools. One of Kieffer's most popular song books was The Temple Star, published at Singer's Glen in 1877. One of his most popular songs was his poem Twilight is Stealing, set to music by B. C. Unseld in 1877 and published in the Temple Star.

Texts by Aldine S. Kieffer (80)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A band of happy children, TheAldine S. Kieffer (Author)2
A little child who loves to prayAldine S. Kieffer (Author)3
A widow sat watching her fair haired boy Aldine S. Kieffer (Author)English4
Art thou with life's burden wearyAldine S. Kieffer (Author)2
Beyond the dark valley and shadow and deathAldine S. Kieffer (Author)English7
Bless the Lord, O my soul, I am going homeAldine S. Kieffer (Author)2
Come to the Father's houseAldine S. Kieffer (Author)English27
Day star of Isr'l, bless us, we prayAldine S. Kieffer (Author)2
Dust to dust with ashes layAldine S. Kieffer (Author)English7
Earthly cares will soon be endedAldine S. Kieffer (Author)English12
Far beyond life's gloomy portalA. S. Kieffer (Author)English3
Gentle spring is here againAldine S. Kieffer (Author)2
Go forth in the highway, and bid to my banquetAldine S. Kieffer (Author)English6
Golden city brightA. S. Kieffer (Author)1
Happy Christmas bells are ringingAldine S. Kieffer (Author)5
Hear me, Savior, while I prayAldine S. Kieffer (Author)English9
Holy, happy angels, guard the Christian's wayAldine S. Kieffer (Author)English6
Home of the blest, sweet visions of loveAldine (Author)2
How fair must be that the heavenly homeAldine S. Kieffer (Author)3
How sweet will be the welcome homeAldine S. Kieffer (Author)English1
How we love these hours of singingAldine S. Kieffer (Author)2
I am bound for that place of bright glory aboveAldine S. Kieffer (Author)4
I have a home above the starry skiesAldine S. Kieffer (Author)English5
I have dreamed sweet dreams of a better homeA. S. Kieffer (Author (Chorus))English1
I have had sweet dreams of a better landAldine S. Kieffer (Author)2
I long for that sweet restAldine S. Kieffer (Author)2
I love the blessed Savior, Who guards me day by dayA. S. K. (Author)English3
I love to think of that happy landAldine S. Kieffer (Author)4
I'll sing, I'll sing, to my Savior's praiseAldine S. Kieffer (Author)English8
I'm a lonely pilgrim here, Vexed with many a doubt and fearAldine S. Kieffer (Author)English8
In that dread and awful dayAldine S. Kieffer (Author)3
In the city of God, that home of the soulA. S. Kieffer (Author)English2
In the resurrection morning You will see the Savior comingA. V. Kiefer (Author)English10
Is thy pathway dark and drearyAldine S. Kieffer (Author)2
Is thy young heart, O happy childA. S. Kieffer (Author)5
Jesus sat by the well, and a woman came thereA. S. Kieffer (Author)English13
Keep working, 'tis wiser than sitting asideAldine S. Kieffer (Author)1
Lonely in the desertAldine S. Kieffer (Author)4
മൃത്യുവിൻ ദൂതൻ- നിന്നെ വിളിക്കിൽ (Mr̥tyuvin dūtan- ninne viḷikkil)Aldine S. Kieffer (Author)Malayalam2
Näher und näher, mein Gott, zu dirAldine S. Kieffer (Author)German1
Nearer, yet nearer, my God, to TheeAldine S. Kieffer (Author)English3
Now the Sabbath morning dawnsA. S. Kieffer (Author)1
O Father, come kiss me once moreAldine S. Kieffer (Author)English5
O that land of delightAldine S. Kieffer (Author)3
O the night of time soon shall pass awayA. S. Kieffer (Author)English20
Oft in the midnight's stilly hourAldine S. Kieffer (Author)2
O when shall I dwell in my father's bright homeA. S. K. (Author)English9
On the resurrection morning, we will see our Savior comingA. S. Kieffer (Author)English2
Pilgrims in this land of sorrowA. S. K. (Author)English4
Ready when the dawning Comes creeping cold and grayA. S. K. (Author)English5
Rejoice, O young man, in the glory of youthAldine S. Kieffer (Author)4
Safely we'll dwell in yon blest landAldine S. Kieffer (Author)3
Savior, tender Shepherd, hear me (Kieffer)Aldine S. Kieffer (Author)2
See Sodom wrapped in fire, And hear the fearful shrieksAldine S. Kieffer (Author)2
Seek a refuge now, ere the day is goneAldine S. Kieffer (Author)3
Should the death angel knock at thy chamberAldine S. Kieffer (Author)English65
Shout for gladness, sons of ZionA. S. Kieffer (Author)English12
Sollte der Tod dich schnell übereilenAldine S. Kieffer (Author)German1
Tarry with me, SaviorAldine S. Kieffer (Author)2
Tenderly lay her to restAldine S. Kieffer (Author)15
The Lord, my Refuge isA. S. Kieffer (Author)2
There are mansions of love In that land far aboveA. S. K. (Author)English10
There is a land above, a clime of peaceful restAldine S. Kieffer (Author)English2
There is a land on whose fair shoreA. S. Kieffer (Author)3
There's a beautiful land beyond death's rolling riverAldine S. Kieffer (Author)2
There's a beautiful land of lightAldine S. Kieffer (Author)English3
There's a city of light, 'mid the stars we are toldAldine S. Kieffer (Author)English32
There's a city whose builder and maker is GodAldine S. Kieffer (Author)2
There's a land of light and love far awayAldine S. Kieffer (Author)6
There's a little grave on the green hillsideAldine S. Kieffer (Author)English6
To the woods, to the woods, to the woods we will goAldine S. Kieffer (Author)2
Twilight is stealing over the seaAldine S. Kieffer (Author)English61
We shall gather home at lastAldine S. Kieffer (Author)English3
We speak of the realms of the blestAldine S. Kieffer (Author)English1
We're a band of little pilgrim strangersAldine (Author)1
We're a little pilgrim band, Roaming through a stranger landA. S. Kieffer (Author)English2
When Christ shall come to earth againAldine S. Kieffer (Author)4
When life's day is overA. S. Kieffer (Author)English2
While the sweet Sabbath morning is gilding the hillsA. S. Kieffer (Author)English3
Whom have I in heaven but thee, Blessed Savior, mighty friendAldine S. Kieffer (Author)2

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