Violet E. King

Short Name: Violet E. King
Full Name: King, Violet E. does not have biographical information about this person.

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All glory to JesusViolet E. King (Author)2
Alone with Jesus, I would beViolet E. King (Author)4
Anywhere with Jesus I knowViolet E. King (Author)3
Away from our Father's kingdomViolet E. King (Author)3
Be not weary in well doing, Labor in the cause of rightViolet E. King (Author)2
Beyond the western hillsViolet E. King (Author)4
Bring we the blossoms of springtimeViolet E. King (Author)3
Carry thy burden to JesusViolet E. King (Author)4
Cling to Jesus, weary pilgrimViolet E. King (Author)3
Father, thou wilt guide usViolet E. King (Author)2
Father, wilt thou guide us, in the way of rightViolet E. King (Author)2
Go, thou, and tell the erringViolet E. King (Author)4
He is coming, shout the tidingsViolet E. King (Author)2
He is my Rock, my haven of restViolet E. King (Author)3
He is the true Shepherd who leadethViolet E. King (Author)2
Hold up the light my brotherViolet E. King (Author)2
Hosanna to the Savior, Our royal Priest and KingViolet E. King (Author)2
I am longing for home in that land of the blestViolet E. King (Author)6
I have watched the tender haloViolet E. King (Author)2
I love the songs my mother sangViolet E. King (Author)1
I would love thee my RedeemerViolet E. King (Author)2
I would not leave the pathViolet E. King (Author)3
In a bright home resplendent with beautyViolet E. King (Author)2
In that city over yonderViolet E. King (Author)4
In the precious word of lifeViolet E. King (Author)2
In the swelling of the JordanViolet E. King (Author)4
I've heard of a beautiful placeViolet E. King (Author)4
Jesus is coming to earth again, coming to banishViolet E. King (Author)2
Lead me, Jesus, blessed JesusViolet E. King (Author)2
Lead me Jesus, blessed SaviorViolet E. King (Author)3
Lead me, O my heavenly Father (King)Violet E. King (Author)2
Let us ever work for Jesus with a purpose firmViolet E. King (Author)2
Life at best is not all sunshineViolet E. King (Author)2
Life with all its countless blessingsViolet E. King (Author)2
Nearer the end of life's journeyViolet E. King (Author)3
Neath the cross of JesusViolet E. King (Author)2
No other now but JesusViolet E. King (Author)4
No other one but JesusViolet E. King (Author)1
O Galilee, sweet Galilee, How oft we fondly dream of theeViolet King (Author)2
O the bells of heaven are ringingViolet E. King (Author)2
Oft the precious golden promiseViolet E. King (Author)2
Only a word, fitly spokenViolet E. King (Author)2
Out from life's shadows and gloomViolet E. King (Author)4
Some day our journey will be doneViolet E. King (Author)3
Sweet is my song and sweeter stillViolet E. King (Author)3
There is joy among the angels, in the blissful courts aboveViolet E. King (Author)4
There will be no night in heavenViolet E. King (Author)3
There's cleansing in the Savior's bloodViolet E. King (Author)2
They tell me of a cityViolet E. King (Author)1
This life is one of laborViolet E. King (Author)2
Though oft the way seems rough and longViolet E. King (Author)2
Though storm clouds may beat about us hereViolet E. King (Author)3
Though the way at timesViolet E. King (Author)3
To those who dwell 'neath the shadowsViolet E. King (Author)2
To whom shall I go, blessed LordViolet E. King (Author)3
Under the olive tree deep in the gardenViolet E. King (Author)2
We are sowers and our sowingViolet E. King (Author)2
We come with songs of gladnessViolet E. King (Author)3
We thank thee, blessed SaviorViolet E. King (Author)4
We would look to theeViolet E. King (Author)2
We'll gather beautiful liliesViolet E. King (Author)2
We're a band of little soldiersViolet E. King (Author)1
What have I done for the SaviorViolet E. King (Author)3
What shall we do for the MasterViolet E. King (Author)3
When after all our work is doneViolet E. King (Author)3
When I behold the rugged crossViolet E. King (Author)2
When life's summer time is endedViolet E. King (Author)4
When my earthly life is ended (King)Violet E. King (Author)3
When shall life's day be endedViolet E. King (Author)2
When sunshine lingers o'er my pathViolet E. King (Author)2
When the day of life is endedViolet E. King (Author)1
When the modest violets bloomViolet E. King (Author)3
When the morn with rosy fingerViolet E. King (Author)2
When the pale glow of sunset diesViolet E. King (Author)2
When the scenes of lifeViolet E. King (Author)2
When the soul lives in the beautyViolet E. King (Author)3
When we walk amid the shadowsViolet E. King (Author)3
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