Johann Christian Kittel

Johann Christian Kittel
Short Name: Johann Christian Kittel
Full Name: Kittel, Johann Christian, 1732-1809
Birth Year: 1732
Death Year: 1809

Born: February 18, 1732, Erfurt, Germany.
Died: April 17, 1809, Erfurt, Germany.

A student of Bach, Kittel played the organ at Langensalza (1751); the Barüsserkirche, Erfurt (1756-62); and the Predigerkirche, Erfurt (1762). He also taught and wrote; his works include:

Der angehende praktische Organist, 1801-08
Vierstimmige Choräle mit Vorspielen, 1803

Tunes by Johann Christian Kittel (2)sort descendingAsInstances
BIS WILKOMMENJohann Christian Kittel (Composer)3
QUEDLINBURGJ. C. Kittel (Adapted from)8
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