Martin W. Knapp

Martin W. Knapp
Short Name: Martin W. Knapp
Full Name: Knapp, Martin Wells, 1853-1901
Birth Year: 1853
Death Year: 1901

Born: March 27, 1853, Albion, Michigan.
Died: December 7, 1901, Cincinnati, Ohio, of typhoid fever.
Buried: Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio.

At age 17, Knapp began studies at a Methodist college in Albion, Michigan. He worked on the family farm in the summer, studying Greek and Latin at night, and attending classes in Albion in the winter. In 1877, the Methodist Michigan Conference assigned him a circuit. He went on to a career in ministry, founding the magazine God’s Revivalist in 1888; the International Holiness Union and Prayer League in 1897; and God’s Bible School (later known as God’s Bible School and College) in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1900. His works include:

Christ Crowned Within, 1886
The Double Cure
Out of Egypt into Canaan, or Lessons in Spiritual Geography
Diary Letters; A Missionary Trip Through the West Indies and to South America
The River of Death and Its Branches
Pentecostal Preachers
Revival Kindlings, 1890
Revival Tornadoes; or, Life and Labors of Rev. Joseph H. Weber (McDonald, Gill & Company, 1890)
Impressions—How to Tell Whether They Are from Above or Below (Revivalist Publishing House; sixth edition, 1892)
Lightning Bolts from Pentecostal Skies; or, Devices of the Devil Unmasked, 1898
Holiness Triumphant, or, Pearls from Patmos, 1900
Bible Songs of Salvation and Victory, with R. E. McNeill (Cincinnati, Ohio: M. W. Knapp, circa 1902)

Texts by Martin W. Knapp (53)sort descendingAsInstances
A girl stood at her brother's sideRev. M. W. Knapp (Author)2
As the dew in silence quietly distillsM. W. Knapp (Author)2
At midnight the summons will echoMartin Wells Knapp (Author)2
Come, Holy Spirit, as we meetRev. M. W. Knapp (Author)2
Do you know your sins forgiven?M. W. Knapp (Author)2
Freely, fully, justifying, and completely purifyingM. W. Knapp (Author)2
From California's vineyardsMartha Wells Knapp (Author)4
From China's dark dominionsRev. M. W. Knapp (Author)4
Full twenty years had passed awayRev. M. W. Knapp (Author)2
Go and tell the joyful tidingsM. W. Knapp (Author)3
God commands that I holy must beM.W. Knapp (Author)3
God is able to deliverMartha Wells Knapp (Author)4
God's kingdom resembles a rulerRev. M. W. Knapp (Author)2
Hark, the Master calls for reapersM.W. Knapp (Author)6
Have you heard of the appointment which we all must surely meetMartha Wells Knapp (Author)5
Hear and heed the Gospel messageM. W. Knapp (Author)2
How sad it will be when the end draws nearRev. M. W. Knapp (Author)3
I am living in the gardenMartha Wells Knapp (Author)2
I am waiting at the station for the heavenly trainRev. M. W. Knapp (Author)2
I come, dear Lord, to thee for restM. W. Knapp (Author)2
I was lost upon the mountainsM. W. Knapp (Author)3
I will say Yes to my SaviorM. W. Knapp (Author)2
I'm a pilgrim bound for heaven, and a stranger in these landsMartha Wells Knapp (Author)5
I'm so glad I have salvationM. W. Knapp (Author)2
In the midst of a meeting a woman aroseM. W. Knapp (Author)2
Jesus commands us to forgiveM. W. Knapp (Author)9
Jesus, thine all victorious loveMartha Wells Knapp (Author)1
John saw upon Patmos a vision so brightMartha Wells Knapp (Author)4
Kept for Jesus and his gloryM. W. Knapp (Author)2
More blessed far are they who giveRev. M. W. Knapp (Author)2
My Savior, 'tis of theeMartin W. Knapp (Author)1
Not by human power or mightRev. M. W. Knapp (Author)2
O hear him rave, a hopeless slave to cursed, deadly drinkMartha Wells Knapp (Author)2
O how sweet the recollectionRev. M. W. Knapp (Author)2
O sacred family altarRev. M. W. Knapp (Author)2
O what are you going to do in heavenMartin W. Knapp (Author)1
O, come again to JesusRev. M. W. Knapp (Author)2
O what are you doing in heavenM. W. Knapp (Author)2
Oh, what will you do with Jesus, Who knocks for you today?Martin W. Knapp (Author)7
Once I lived in bitter bondageMartha Wells Knapp (Author)4
Once I served in Egypt's bondageM. W. Knapp (Author)4
Once I wished my sins were pardonedRev. M. W. Knapp (Author)4
One builder placed his structureRev. M. W. Knapp (Author)2
Out of self and sin and sighingM. W. Knapp (Author)2
Shining for our master, crownsMartha Wells Knapp (Author)2
Tears of contribution by souls led astrayM. W. Knapp (Author)2
Tenderly, graciously, Jesus now callsRev. M. K. Knapp (Author)2
The flowers bloom in beautyRev. M. W. Knapp (Author)2
There's not a craving of the heart [mind]M.W. Knapp (Author)7
Time, has dragged me to the stationRev. M. W. Knapp (Author)2
Two boys were born in days gone byM. W. Knapp (Author)2
Watch and pray, lest evil passionsRev. M. W. Knapp (Author)2
Within my soul rejoicing, four bright children always dwellM. W. Knapp (Author)2
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