James Carter Knox

Short Name: James Carter Knox
Full Name: Knox, James Carter, 1849-1930
Birth Year: 1849
Death Year: 1930
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Tunes by James Carter Knox (11)sort iconAsInstances
ADVENT (Knox)James Carter Knox (Composer)2
SHATTUCKJames C. Knox, M. A. (Composer)2
WATCHWORD (Knox)James C. Knox, M. A. (Composer)2
BONAR (Knox)James C. Knox, M. A. (Composer)2
KNOX (Knox)James C. Knox (Composer)2
LOVE DIVINE (Knox)James Carter Knox (Composer)2
BROOKS (Knox)James C. Knox, M. A. (Composer)3
ST. PAUL'S SCHOOLJames C. Knox, M. A. (Composer)2
SIGOURNEYJames C. Knox, M.A. (Composer)2
CONCORD (Knox)James C. Knox, M. A. (Composer)2
[Welcome, happy morning! age to age shall say]James C. Knox, M.A. (Composer)2