Diana Kodner

Diana Kodner
Short Name: Diana Kodner
Full Name: Kodner, Diana

Diana Kodner Gokce holds a double M.M. in Music from Northwestern University specializing in voice/opera and conducting. As an undergraduate, Diana was a flute major at Northwestern University. She has been a flutist in the Minnesota Orchestra, performing under Leonard Slatkin, Stanislaw Skrowaczewski, and Jean-Pierre Rampal, to name but a few conductors. At the age of 17 Diana conducted the Minnesota Orchestra in a young people's concert as winner of the Urban Arts conducting competition.

For six years Diana was conductor and musical director of the Mozart Sinfonia. She has been a conductor of choirs at Loyola University, National-Louis University, and Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago.

Diana has authored several books including Handbook for Cantors (Liturgy Training Publications) and Sing God a Simple Song Volumes I and II (Treehaus Communications). She was the editor of A Sourcebook about Music and the Gather Comprehensive Hymnal, first edition (G.I.A. Publications). She was also the conductor for the choral recordings: Catholic Classics, V.I and II (G.I.A. Publications) and both flute and vocal soloist on the Taize recording "Wait for the Lord," from the same publisher.

Diana was senior editor of Clavier Magazine and the editor of both Flute Talk and Flute Explorer magazines (The Instrumentalist Company). As editor of Flute Talk Diana interviewed the great flutist Sir James Galway and Jazz flutist Steve Kujala.

Most recently Diana was music director for the DVD and CD series from Egghead Learning Systems: As I Grow, for children from birth to 18 months. For 11 years she was the music specialist at Baker Demonstration School in Wilmette, Illinois, and performed as a flutist in the chamber ensemble "Diletto Musicale." Beginning with the 2012-2013 school year, she is the middle school music teacher at The Frances Xavier Warde School, Holy Name Cathedral Campus in Chicago.

Diana Kodner

Tunes by Diana Kodner (39)sort descendingAsInstances
BREAD OF LIFE (Toolan)Diana Kodner, b. 1957 (Arranger)1
[Creation tells a story]Diana Kodner, b. 1957 (Arranger)2
[Cry out with joy and gladness] (Haugen)Diana Kodner (Adapter)2
DONA NOBIS PACEMDiana Kodner, b. 1957 (Arranger)5
[El Señor es mi pastor, nada me falta]Diana Kodner (Arranger)3
[Give the Lord glory and honor]Diana Kodner (Adapter (refrain))5
GUIDE MY FEETDiana Kodner, b. 1957 (Harmonizer)2
[Happy are the people the Lord has chosen]Diana Kodner (Adapter (Refrain III))1
[Blest are those who love you] (Haugen)Diane Kodner (Adapter (Refrain II))5
[Holy, holy, holy Lord] (St. Louis Jesuits Mass)Diane Kodner (Arranger)2
[If we are living, we are in the Lord]Diana Kodner, b. 1957 (Arranger)2
[In you, O Lord I take refuge] (Haugen)Diana Kodner (Adapter (Refrain II))2
ALABARÉDiana Kodner (Arranger)2
[Keep me safe, O God] (Haugen)Diana Kodner (Adapter)4
[La muerte]Diana Kodner (Arranger)5
[Let there be peace on earth]Diana Kodner, b. 1957 (Arranger)5
[Let your mercy be on us, O God] (Haugen)Diana Kodner (Adapter (Refrain III))1
[Listen, O Daughter, give ear to my words]Diana Kodner (Composer)2
PESCADOR DE HOMBRESDiana Kodner, b. 1957 (Arranger)6
[Make me a channel of your peace]Diana Kodner, b. 1957 (Arranger)1
[May the Lord bless us] (Haugen)Diana Kodner (Adapter)2
NEW BRITAINDiana Kodner, B. 1957 (Arranger)2
[Now go forward, press toward the goal]Diana Kodner, b. 1957 (Arranger)1
[Peace is flowing like a river]Diana Kodner, b. 1957 (Arranger)3
PERSONENT HODIEDiana Kodner, b. 1957 (Harmonizer)2
PUES SI VIVIMOSDiana Kodner, b. 1957 (Arranger)1
ROSASDiana Kodner, b. 1957 (Arranger (acc.))1
CUELLARDiana Kodner, b. 1957 (Composer (acc.))2
WADE IN THE WATERDiana Kodner, b. 1957 (Harmonizer)3
[All the ends of the earth] (Haas, Haugen)Diana Kodner (Adapter (Refrains II and III))3
[Sólo enti confio, estaré sin vergüenza]Diana Kodner (Composer (acc.))2
[The earth is full of the goodness of God]Diana Kodner (Adapter (Refrain III))1
[The heavens embrace the earth]Diana Kodner, b. 1957 (Arranger)5
[The virgin Mary had a baby boy]Diana Kodner, b. 1957 (Arranger)1
[Through him, with him] (St. Louis Jesuits Mass)Diana Kodner (Arranger (acc.))1
WEN-TIDiana Kodner, b. 1957 (Arranger)2
[With joy you shall draw water] (Haugen)Diana Kodner (Adapter (refrain II))2
[You are my inheritance, O Lord] (Haugen)Diana Kodner (Adapter)4
[You will show me the path of life] (Haugen)Diana Kodner (Adapter (refrain II and III))2
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