H. Glen Lanier

Short Name: H. Glen Lanier
Full Name: Lanier, H. Glen, 1925-1978
Birth Year: 1925
Death Year: 1978

Lanier, H. Glen. (Welcome, Davison County, North Carolina, December 12, 1925--September 9, 1978, Statesville, N.C.). Pastor of the First United Methodist Church of Thomasville, N.C. Received his A.B. degree from High Point College in 1945 and his B.D. degree from Duke University Divinity School in 1949.

--The Hymn Society, DNAH Archives

The author of some three hundred poems . . . Several of these poems have been published including one in the National Anthology of Poems of Colleges and Universities.

--Five New Hymns for Youth by Youth , 1955. Used by permission.

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America, my homeland fairH. Glen Lanier (Author)3
Father, God, we come before theeH. Glen Lanier (Author)2
For all the joys of livingH. Glen Lanier (Author)3
For each day of life we thank theeH. Glen Lanier (Author)4
God, 'neath whose hand, our fathers crossedH. Glen Lanier (Author)3
Lord of nations, God eternalH. Glen Lanier (Author)3
"Love ye one another" Hear the Savior sayH. Glen Lanier (Author)2
O Christ, of Bethlehem, thou child of humble birthH. Glen Lanier (Author)3
O Christ of earth and outer spaceH. Glen Lanier (Author)3
O God, the miracle of birth is thineH. Glen Lanier (Author)3
O God, your constant care and loveH. Glen Lanier (Author)8
O Master, who in days of youthH. Glen Lanier (Author)5
Upon this hallowed day of restH. Glen Lanier (Author)3
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