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Lucy Larcom
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Short Name: Lucy Larcom
Full Name: Larcom, Lucy, 1824-1893
Birth Year: 1824
Death Year: 1893

Larcom, Lucy, was born at Beverley Farm, Massachusetts, in 1826. Her Poems were published in 1864. Her hymn, "When for me the silent oar" [Death Anticipated), was published in 1868. She died in 1893.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)


Larcom, Lucy, p. 1576, ii. The extended use of this writer's hymns justifies a more detailed account of her life and work than is given on p. 1576. She was born in 1824, and worked from 1837-45 in the mills of Lawrence, Mass., then engaged in elementary teaching 1846-49, became a student at Monticello Female Seminary, Alton, Ill., 1849-52, and then entered upon advanced teaching in higher-class schools, and literary work. She edited with J. G. Whittier, Child Life in Poetry, 1871; Child Life in Prose, 1873; Songs of Three Centuries, 1875, &c. Her own works are Poems, 1869; Childhood Songs, 1875; Wild Roses of Cape Ann, 1881; Poetical Works, 1885; At the Beautiful Gate; And Other Songs of Faith, 1892. Her autobiography was published as A New England Girlhood. She died in 1893. In addition to "When for me the silent oar," of her hymns the following are in common use:—
i. From her Poems, 1869.
1. Hand in hand with angels. Angelic companion¬ship.
2. If the world seems cold to you.
3. When for me the silent oar. Death
ii. From her Wild Roses of Cape Ann, 1881.
4. In Christ I feel the heart of God.
5. O Spirit, "Whose name is the Saviour.”
in. From her Poetical Works, 1885.
6. Breaks the joyful Easter dawn, master.
7. Heavenly Helper, Friend Divine. Christ the Friend.
iv. From her At the Beautiful Gate, &c, 1892.
8. Draw Thou, my soul, O Christ. Looking to Jesus.
9. O God, Thy world is sweet with prayer. Prayer.
10. Open your hearts as a flower to the light.
11. King, happy bells of Easter time. Easter.
The above notes are from the British Museum copies of Miss Larcom's works.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

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Lucy Larcom (March 5, 1824 – April 17, 1893) was an American poet and author.

Texts by Lucy Larcom (43)sort descendingAsInstances
Are we daily drawing nearerLucy Larcom (Author)2
As strangers glad for thisLucy Larcom (Author)2
Breaks the joyful Easter dawnLucy Larcom (Author)14
Breaking through the mists and shadowsLucy Larcom (Author)1
Dark the night, the snowLucy Larcom (Author)3
Dear Lord, each selfish thought we thinkLucy Larcom (Author)5
Draw thou my soul, O ChristLucy Larcom, 1826-1893 (Author)71
For an eye of inward seeingLucy Larcom (Author)2
For the wealth of pathless forestsLucy Larcom (Author)1
Great Master, whose name is the HealerLucy Larcom (Author)2
Hand in hand with angelsLucy Larcom (Author)19
Heavenly Father I would wearLucy Larcom (Author)6
Heavenly Helper, Friend divineLucy Larcom (Author)5
How near to me, my God, thou artLucy Larcom (Author)2
I am not glad till I have knownLucy Larcom (Author)2
I learned it in the meadow pathLucy Larcom (Author)4
I said it in the meadow pathLucy Larcom (Author)7
I thank thee, Lord, for precious thingsLucy Larcom (Author)5
If I were a sunbeam, I know what I would doLucy Larcom (Author)21
If the world seems cold to youLucy Larcom (Author)2
Impossible, the eagle's flightLucy Larcom (Author)2
In Christ I feel the heart of GodLucy Larcom (Author)15
Into the heaven of thy heart, O GodLucy Larcom (Author)2
Into the ocean of thy peaceLucy Larcom (Author)2
O God, thy world is sweet with prayerLucy Larcom (1826-1893) (Author)39
O heaven has come down to meetLucy Larcom (Author)2
O Spirit, whose name is the SaviorLucy Larcom (Author)2
Old, we are growing oldLucy Larcom (Author)2
One with God, as heart with heartLucy Larcom (Author)2
Only silently resignedLucy Larcom (Author)2
Open your heart as a flowerLucy Larcom (Author)2
Ring, happy bells of Easter timeLucy Larcom (Author)13
Still must I climb, if I would restLucy Larcom (Author)3
Take the fruit I give youLucy Larcom (Author)3
Thanks to thee, O God most highLucy Larcom (Author)2
They whose hearts are whole and strongLucy Larcom (Author)3
Tiny little snowflakes, in the air so highLucy Larcom (Author)3
We are children of one FatherLucy Larcom (Author)7
What shall I do, my Lord, my GodLucy Larcom (Author)4
When for me the silent oarLucy Larcom (Author)22
With each year, up through the agesLucy Larcom (Author)2
With the footsteps of the agesLucy Larcom (Author)2
Yea, o'er me soared the eternal skyLucy Larcom (Author)2

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