Richard Leach

Richard Leach
Short Name: Richard Leach
Full Name: Leach, Richard, 1953-
Birth Year: 1953

Richard Leach (born in Bangor, Maine in 1953) is an American hymn writer and poet.

He received a B.A. from Bowdoin College in 1974, and an M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1978. He was a United Church of Christ pastor in Connecticut from 1978 to 1999. He began writing hymns in 1987. In 1999 he left the ministry of the United Church of Christ and became a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. He is a member of The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada.

Published Works--

Tuned for Your Sake, Selah Publishing Co., 2007 ISBN 0-9677408-9-4
New Harmony, A Harp of Thousand Strings (with David Ashley White), Selah Publishing Co., 2006
Come and Hear the Blessing, Hymns on the Beatitudes (with Amanda Husberg), Abingdon Press, 2006
Honey from the Rock (with various composers), Selah Publishing Co., 2005
We Sing the Shoreline (with various composers), Selah Publishing Co., 2004
Pray Then Like This, A Hymn Cycle on the Lord’s Prayer (with Carson Cooman), Selah Publishing Co., 2002
Go Worship at Emmanuel’s Feet, Selah Publishing Co., 2001
Memory, Take the Hand of Hope, Selah Publishing Co., 2000
Carpenter, Why Leave the Bench, Selah Publishing Co., 1996
Over the Waves of Words (with various composers), Selah Publishing Co., 1996
Feel the Spirit in the Kicking, Selah Publishing Co., 1995

Texts by Richard Leach (54)sort iconAsInstances
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A woman who did not count the costRichard D. Leach (Author)2
[All Sabbath Day I Lay in Bed]Richard Leach (Author)2
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[As Bright As Lightning]Richard Leach (Author)2
[As Lazarus Slipped Toward Silence]Richard Leach (Author)2
[Brother Darkness/ Sister Silence]Richard Leach (Author)2
Come, join the dance of TrinityRichard Leach, b. 1953 (Author)4
Come like driving wind, O GodRichard Leach (Author)2
[Dance of Praise]Richard Leach (Author)2
[Disturbed and Wild and Desperate]Richard Leach (Author)2
[Driven By a Demon]Richard Leach (Author)2
[Feel the Spirit in the Kicking]Richard Leach (Author)2
God has chosen what is foolishRichard Leach (Author)2
God of memory, I rememberRichard Leach (Author)2
[Hear the Sound, My Friend]Richard Leach (Author)2
[High-Soaring Christ, You Look Beyond]Richard Leach (Author)2
Hope is a candle, once lit by the prophetsRichard Leach (Author)3
[How Can It Be, the Life of Jesus]Richard Leach (Author)2
[How Far Away Is Heaven]Richard Leach (Author)2
How many doors will openRichard Leach (Author)2
[I Met a Man Who Had Two Coats]Richard Leach (Author)2
[I Remember Jesus' House]Richard Leach (Author)2
[I Saw the Poor Ones Bring Their Child]Richard Leach (Author)2
[I'd Give You Water if I Could]Richard Leach (Author)2
[It Was a Time of Miracles]Richard Leach (Author)2
[Jesus and the Fig Tree]Richard Leach (Author)2
[Jesus of Nazareth Knew Who He Was]Richard Leach (Author)2
[May Your Name Be Hallowed]Richard Leach (Author)2
[O Carpenter, Why Leave the Bench]Richard Leach (Author)3
[One Wedding Dress Long Put Away]Richard Leach (Author)2
[Paved With Stone and Paved With Sorrow]Richard Leach (Author)2
Purify my heart, O FatherRichard Leach (Author)2
Silent voices, unheard voicesRichard Leach (Author)2
Sing of foolishness and wisdomRichard Leach (Author)2
[Speak and I Know You]Richard Leach (Author)2
[Stone So Heavy, Who Will Move It]Richard Leach (Author)2
The bread is broken, you are wholeRichard Leach (Author)2
[The Empty-Handed Fishermen]Richard Leach (Author)2
The one born blind is silentRichard Leach (Author)2
[The Ones Who Ask the Questions]Richard Leach (Author)2
[The Shepherds Were Not Waiting]Richard Leach (Author)2
[They Cast Their Net into the Sky]Richard Leach (Author)2
[Though Shut Within This Prison Cell]Richard Leach (Author)2
Told of God's favor, told of God's purposeRichard Leach (Author)2
Tremble, O tremble!Richard Leach (Author)2
[Twelve Years Were Near an End One Day]Richard Leach (Author)2
We belong to Jesus' bodyRichard Leach (Author)2
We went as you told usRichard Leach (Author)2
[We Will Pray As Jesus Taught]Richard Leach (Author)2
[What Do You Do When a Friend Arrives, Hungry]Richard Leach (Author)2
When our song says peace and the world says warRichard Leach, b. 1953 (Author)2
[Who Is It that This Woman Anoints]Richard Leach (Author)2
[With Their Foolish Fig Leaves Flapping]Richard Leach (Author)2