T. Tom Lee

Short Name: T. Tom Lee
Full Name: Lee, T. Tom, 1918-
Birth Year: 1918
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Texts by T. Tom Lee (10)sort descendingAsInstances
All of the world God did createT. Tom Lee (Translator)2
Drawing near and list'ning T. Tom Lee (Translator)2
Jesus Christ, workers' LordT. Tom Lee (Translator)2
Let us come unto the LordT. Tom Lee (Translator)2
Like the young and thirsty deerT. Tom Lee (Translator)2
Love was shown upon the crossT. Tom Lee (Translator)2
Once when a live offering was laidT. Tom Lee (Translator)2
Shepherds, awake, shepherds, awakeT. Tom Lee (Translator)2
The church stands, built so firmlyT. Tom Lee (Translator)2
To the One Creator of allT. Tom Lee (Translator)2
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