C. E. Leslie

Short Name: C. E. Leslie
Full Name: Leslie, Charles Eddy
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Texts by C. E. Leslie (15)sort descendingAsInstances
Abide in His loveC. E. Leslie (Author)4
Beautiful home o'er the riverC. E. Leslie (Author)2
Gottes Reich ist nicht so fernC. E. L. (Author)2
Heaven is not far awayC. E. L. (Author)18
Jesus is tenderly pleading, pleading with you todayC. E. L. (Author)9
Jesus meek and lowly, ever shall we prayC. E. Leslie (Author)4
Jesus, my Savior, let me hear thy gentle voiceC. E. Leslie (Author)5
Kommet, zum Haus der Anbetung, kommtC. E. L. (Author)2
Savior, draw me near to TheeC. E. Leslie (Author)2
Savior, we are longing, waitingC. E. Leslie (Author)3
Sinner, come, will you comeC. E. L. (Author)6
S√ľnder, kommt doch zu ihm, der das Heil euch erwarbC. E. L. (Author)2
There is a city made by GodC. E. Leslie (Author)3
There is rest in the promiseLeslia (Author)7
Will you come, one and all, to the Lamb that was slain?C. E. L. (Author)12
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