Bertha Mae Lillenas

Bertha Mae Lillenas
Short Name: Bertha Mae Lillenas
Full Name: Lillenas, Bertha Mae, 1889-1945
Birth Year: 1889
Death Year: 1945

Lillenas, Bertha Mae (nee Wilson). (?--1945). First wife of Haldor Lillenas, mother of their two children. Ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene. Evangelist, singer, and composer, as well as artist at the piano. Deets Pacific Bible College, Los Angeles (later Pasadena College). With his husband, pastored churches at Lompoc and Pomona, California; Auburn, Illinois; Peniel, Texas; Redlands, Calif.; and Indianapolis, Indiana. She often preached.

She had a gift for writing songs easy to sing on powerful gospel themes. Sing she was a contralto, she wrote most numbers in a low key. The words to one of her best-known songs, "Jesus Took My Burden," were sent to Haldor Lillenas to be set to music, but the musical setting he wrote visited virtually all publishers of the day without success. After it lay in his file of unpublished music for 13 years, he took it to Bertha Mae, whose melody was immediately accepted and sung widely by Homer Rodeheaver.

--E. Roger Taylor, DNAH Archives

Texts by Bertha Mae Lillenas (16)sort descendingAsInstances
And that's enough to make me singB. M. L. (Author)2
Blessed is the peace divine within my soulBertha Mae Lillenas (Author)2
Christ is risen, life doth reignB. M. L. (Author)2
Hear my prayer, blessed MasterBertha Mae Lillenas (Author)2
How sweet to know that on life’s rugged pathwayB. M. L. (Author)2
I have found a Rock in a weary landBertha Mae Lillenas (Author)3
Lift a load for some oneBertha Mae Lillenas (Author)2
Long I sought the holy, pentecostal blessingB. M. L. (Author)2
March on,M march on, ye soldiers of the crossB. M. L. (Author)3
O sinner, the Savior is calling for thee, Then why will you wander away? (Lillenas)B. M. L. (Author)2
On the cross of Calvary the price of sin was fully paidBertha Mae Lillenas (Author)2
Saved by the blood of the crucified one (Lillenas)B. M. L. (Author)9
Sing on, dear heart, bright days are nearBertha Mae Lillenas (Author)3
Sometimes our skies are cloudy and drearyBertha Mae Lillenas (Author)18
There is a song that we love to singBertha Mae Lillenas (Author)2
When the clouds are hanging low, when the raging tempestsBertha Mae Lillenas (Author)6
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