Charles Lockhart

Short Name: Charles Lockhart
Full Name: Lockhart, Charles, 1745-1815
Birth Year: 1745
Death Year: 1815

Born: 1745, London, England.
Died: February 9, 1815, London, England.

Lockhart was first organist of the Lock Hospital, and was for some years associated with Martin Madan in the musical arrangements there. Though blind from infancy, Lockhart had a distinct musical gift, and was especially known for training children’s choirs. His earliest tunes were printed on separate sheets. He published a set of hymn tunes about 1810.

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Tunes by Charles Lockhart (5)sort descendingAsInstances
CARLISLE (Lockhart)Charles Lockhart, 1745 - 1815 (Composer)86
HAMPTONCharles Lockhart (Composer)1
MARGATE (Lockhart)Lockhart (Composer)2
TAMWORTHChas. Lockhart (Composer)10
TRIUMPH (Lockhart)Lockhart (Composer)3
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