Ellen Jane Lorenz

Short Name: Ellen Jane Lorenz
Full Name: Lorenz, Ellen Jane, 1907-1996
Birth Year: 1907
Death Year: 1996

Ellen Jane Lorenz (Ellen Jane Lorenz Porter) was born in 1907 in Dayton, OH. A descendant of the well known publishing family of Lorenz, she served as editor for the company for 36 years. She earned a Masters of Sacred Music degree from Wittenberg University in 1971. Her PhD thesis was transformed into the book Glory, Hallelujah: the Story of the Campmeeting Spiritual published by Abingdon Press in 1980. She was well known as a composer and received many commissions for anthems, cantatas, vocal and instrumental works. See also the Ellen Jane Lorenz Porter archival collection at Wright State University Special Collections and Archives.

Also used pseudonyms:
Hadler, Rosemary, 1907-1996
James, Allen, 1907-1996

Mary Louise VanDyke

Texts by Ellen Jane Lorenz (3)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Dawn of rose, sun of goldEllen Jane Lorenz (Author)English2
O the Lamb, the loving LambEllen Jane Lorenz (Adapter)English2
To leave her children dearlyEllen Jane Lorenz Porter (Author)1

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