William Dalrymple Maclagan

William Dalrymple Maclagan
Short Name: William Dalrymple Maclagan
Full Name: Maclagan, William Dalrymple, 1826-1910
Birth Year: 1826
Death Year: 1910

Maclagan, William Dalrymple , D.D., son of David Maclagan, M.D., was born in Edinburgh, June 18, 1826. In early life he entered the army, and served for some time in India. Retiring with the rank of lieutenant, he entered St. Peter's College, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. 1856 and M.A. in 1860. Taking Holy Orders, he was curate of St. Saviour's, Paddington, 1856-58, and St. Stephen's, Marylebone, 1858-60. He then became Secretary to the London Diocesan Church Building Society, from 1860 to 1865; curate of Enfield, 1865-69; Rector of Newington, 1869-75; and Vicar of Kensington, 1875-78. He was also Hon. Chaplain to the Queen, and Prebendary of Reculverland in St. Paul's Cathedral, London. In 1878 he was consecrated Bishop of Lichfield. Bishop Maclagan's work has been mainly of a practical character, and his publications are few. The few hymns which he has written have been received with great favour, and create a desire for more of the same kind and quality. The following are in common use.:—

1. Again the trumpet sounds. Missions. Written about 1870. Appeared in the Hymns Ancient & Modern Hymns Ancient & Modern series of Hymns for Mission Services. 1871.
2. Be still, my soul, for God is near. Holy Communion. Part ii. is “O Body, broken for my sake." Written about 1873 for St. Mary's, Newington. In Thring's Collection, 1882.
3. Holy Spirit, Lord of love. Confirmation. Written about 1873, and published in Mrs. C. Brock's Children's Hymn Book, 1884.
4. It is finished, blessed Jesus [Saviour]. Good Friday. Written for Hymns Ancient & Modern, 1875. In several collections.
5. Lord, when Thy Kingdom comes, remember me. Good Friday. Written for the 1875 ed. of Hymns Ancient & Modern. Sometimes given in two parts: Pt. ii. Beginning, “Lord, when with dying lips my prayer is said."
6. The Saints of God their conflict past. All Saints. First published in Church Bells, 1870; and again in the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge Church Hymns, 1871.
7. What thanks and praise to Thee we owe. St. Luke. Written for the 1875 edition of Hymns Ancient & Modern
These hymns are of more than usual merit, being characterized by great simplicity, tenderness, and fervour. The special season or purpose is clearly indicated, and its lessons earnestly enforced.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Maclagan, Abp. W. D., pp. 709, i.; 1578, ii. At the present time all Abp. Maclagan's hymns are in common use, and most of his tunes likewise. With regard to the latter, it is exceptional to find so many tunes by the author of popular hymns sharing the same popularity in the principal hymnals. In Church Hymnal, 1903, and Hymns Ancient & Modern, 1904, combined, there are eight of his tunes, whilst the hymns are six in all.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

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William Dalrymple Maclagan (18 June 1826 – 19 September 1910) was Archbishop of York from 1891 to 1908, when he resigned his office, and was succeeded in 1909 by Cosmo Gordon Lang, later Archbishop of Canterbury. As Archbishop of York, Maclagan crowned Queen Alexandra in 1902.

Texts by William Dalrymple Maclagan (10)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
اللص عندما دنتWilliam D. MacLagan (Author)Arabic1
Be still, my soul, for God is nearBishop William Dalrymple Maclagan, 1826-1910 (Author)English8
Gracious Spirit, dwell with meWilliam D. Maclagan (Author)English1
Holy Spirit, Lord of love, Thou Who camest from aboveWilliam Dalrymple Maclagan (Author)English29
It is finished! Blessed JesusWilliam Maclagan, 1826-1910 (Author)English8
Lord, when Thy kingdom comes, remember meW. D. Maclagan, 1826-1910 (Author)English19
Lord, when with dying lips my prayer is saidW. D. Maclagan (Author)English5
Now, Eternal Father, blessWilliam Dalrymple Maclagan (Author)English2
The saints of God! their conflict pastWilliam D. MacLagan (Author)English51
What thanks and praise to Thee we oweArchbishop W. D. Maclagan (Author)English14

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