Miguel Manzano

Miguel Manzano
Short Name: Miguel Manzano
Full Name: Manzano, Miguel, 1934-
Birth Year: 1934

Miguel Manzano is a Spanish composer and singer. He was born in Aillamor de Cardozo near the border with Portugal. Miguel began his religious musical career at the age of 8 as cantor at the Cathedral of Zamora, Spain. He studied solfeg, piano, organ and harmonium with the renowned teacher, Gaspar Arabaolaza. Later on, he began studies at the Higher School of Sacred Music in Madrid, where he studied Rhythm and Gregorian Modality, as well as Harmony and Religious Polyphony. He furthered his studies of language and musical rhythm at the Catholic Institute of Paris.

Miguel's internationally recognized music has been chosen to complete the repertoire of the National Liturgical Hymnal of the Espicopal Committee of Spanish Liturgy. At present he is Professor of Ethnic Music at the Higher Conservatory of Music in Salamanca.


Texts by Miguel Manzano (8)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Cantad al Señor un cántico nuevo Porque ha hecho maravillasMiguel Manzano, n. 1934 (Author)Spanish3
Cuando el pobre nada tiene y aun reparteMiguel Manzano (Author)Spanish15
Dios mío, da tu juicio al reyMiguel Manzano (Author (sts. 2-5))Spanish6
When the poor ones who have nothing share with strangersMiguel Manzano (Author)English4
¿Hasta cuándo me esconderás tu rostro?Miguel Manzano (Author)Spanish2
Si el Señor no construye la casaMiguel Manzano, n. 1934 (Author)Spanish2
Su nombre es "El Señor" y pasa hambreMiguel Manzano (Author)Spanish1
When the hungry who have nothing share with strangersMiguel Manzano (20th c.) (Author)English5
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