William Edie Marks

William Edie Marks
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Short Name: William Edie Marks
Full Name: Marks, William Edie, 1872-1954
Birth Year: 1872
Death Year: 1954

Born: July 1872, Delaware (probably Wilmington)
Died: November 20, 1954, Wilmington, Delaware.
Buried: Lombardy Cemetery, Wilmington, Delaware.

Marks was ap­par­ent­ly liv­ing in Wilm­ing­ton, Del­a­ware, in 1913. His works in­clude:
Cream of Song, with Le­an­der Pick­ett & O. B. Cul­pep­per & (Lou­is­ville, Ken­tucky: Pick­ett Pub­lish­ing Com­pa­ny, 1906)
Tears and Tri­umphs No. 4, with Le­an­der Pick­ett & Ben­ja­min Butts (Lou­is­ville, Ken­tucky: Pen­te­cost­al Pub­lish­ing Company, 1910)
Noted Hymns, 1927 (ed­it­or)

Christmas Joy
Tasting the Joys
Trying to Be More like Je­sus
We Shall Hear Him Say, "Well Done"

Best Thing I Ev­er Did, The
End Is Not Yet, The
I Am Go­ing to Con­tin­ue
In the Morn­ing We Shall See
It Is Mine
Jesus Sa­tis­fies
Jesus Took the Bur­den Off
Keep Tell­ing It
Last Mile of the Way, The
Let Je­sus Re­move It To­day
Lift Thy Face to the Light!
Rapture In­deed!
Tell It Wher­ev­er You Go
When We Use Our Tal­ents
You Ought to Know Him


Texts by William Edie Marks (147)sort descendingAsInstances
أنا لست أشبع من حبيبيWilliam E. Marks (Author)1
A movement new is sweepingWilliam Edie Marks (Author)4
A very kind Shepherd I have I knowW. E. M. (Author)2
Against the dreadful rumWilliam Edie Marks (Author)3
Are you sorely troubled with sinW. E. M. (Author)4
Arise and stand for native landWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Be thou faithful until JesusW. E. M. (Author)4
Before I knew Jesus my Lord, No joy could the worldWilliam Edie Marks (Author)5
Bring hither the thanksWilliam Edie Marks (Author)3
Come and dwell in the valeW. E. M. (Author)2
Come and follow the LordW. E. M. (Author)2
Come every one that thirstsW. E. M. (Author)2
Come, O come and bathe todayW. E. M. (Author)2
Come, tune the heartWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Come, whosoever will, our Lord once saidWilliam Edie Marks (Author)8
Count it all joy to bear the cross of JesusWilliam Edie Marks (Author)11
Dear Jesus dwell withinWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Do you know the gospel story?William Edie Marks (Author)2
Ever onward runningW. E. M. (Author)2
Ever since my Savior washed my sins awayWilliam Edie Marks (Author)3
Ever since that blessed dayW. E. M. (Author)2
Father, throw the door wide openW. E. M. (Author)2
Firmly stand ye everWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
From run's destructive snareWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Give out the happy that your heart containsWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Glad hearts are singingWilliam Edie Marks (Author)4
God giveth his people full measureWilliam Edie Marks (Author)3
God loves you still, O do not doubt HimW. E. M. (Author)4
Hark, ye people, from the steeple music swellsWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Have your sins been washed awayW. E. M. (Author)2
Holding on high the banner of the King are weW. E. M. (Author)2
Holy do you yearn to beW. E. M. (Author)2
I am drawing nighWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
I am on my pilgrim wayW. E. M. (Author)2
I am resting on the Rock that the storms can never moveE. Dee. (Author)1
I am trying the best I canWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
I follow where the ShepherdWilliam Edie Marks (Author)3
I have followed Jesus closely in the way that heWilliam Edie Marks (Author)4
I have found a help unfailingW. E. M. (Author)2
I have found what I wanted, what I sought forWilliam Edie Marks (Author)7
I have found what I wanted, what isWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
I love of my Savior to tellWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
I love to think of heaven (Marks)William Edie Marks (Author)2
I rejoice to serve the LordW. E. M. (Author)2
I took a trip into the camp of whiskeyWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
I was troubled once with sinWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
I would labor soWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Ich geniesse was ich wünschte, was ich suchte mit SchmerzWm. Edie Marks (Author)1
If along the way of life, as day by day you pressWilliam Edie Marks (Author)4
If there is abundance of joy in your heartWilliam E. Marks (Author)2
If you have the grace of God withinWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
I'm tranquilly restingW. E. M. (Author)2
In my heart there is a beautiful light todayWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Jesus calls for willing helpers, for there is a work to doW. E. M. (Author)2
Jesus had his victory wonWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Jesus has cleansed my heartWilliam Edie Marks (Author)3
Jesus has stopped my feetWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Jesus hilft in Freud und LeidWm. Edie Marks (Author)1
Jesus is my strength, my stayWilliam Edie Marks (Author)5
Jesus is the one to help us on the wayW. E. M. (Author)2
Jesus satisfies, Jesus satisfiesW. E. M. (Author)3
Jesus shed his precious bloodWilliam Edie Marks (Author)1
Jesus sweetly calls to youWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Jesus wants the braveWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Joyful songs I now will raiseW. E. M. (Author)2
Just to be a careful, patient sowerWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Let me lean on theeWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Listen to the merry chiming bellsWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Little ones happy onesWilliam Edie Marks (Author)3
Long ago many left us for that land of gloryW. E. M. (Author)4
Lord, this very hour, Send thy mighty powerW. E. M. (Author)2
Marching on to set sin's captive freeWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Marching on with singing, gospel music's ringingWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Men are hungry for the WordWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Mother's voice has been hushedWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
No license is the thing we needWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Now from sin I am set freeW. E. M. (Author)2
O do not ask me back, vain world with thee todayWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
O let us work with unbating zealWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
O my comrades how cheeringWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
O the joy that service bringsWilliam Edie Marks (Author)3
O we intend this woe to endWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
On, on with purpose firmWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Open your heart, let the gospel light inWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Our banner glorious is floating o'er usWilliam Edie Marks (Author)4
Our cause is daily gainingWilliam Edie Marks (Author)3
Overburdened with a weight of woeW. E. M. (Author)4
Peacefully, gently toward heaven I sailW. E. M. (Author)2
Proclaim to each nationWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Radiant with joy the gospelWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Reaper, the call ringsWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Receive the salvation Christ offers todayW. E. M. (Author)2
Rest not on your laurelsW. E. M. (Author)2
Right and wrong are fightingWilliam Edie Marks (Author)3
Rouse ye Christian freemenWilliam Edie Marks (Author)3
Send the happy tidingsWilliam Edie Marks (Author)3
Send thy Spirit, LordWilliam Edie Marks (Author)3
Sin enslaved meWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Some starsWilliam Edie Marks (Author)3
Something do to make the worldWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Sowing, sowing seedsWilliam Edie Marks (Author)3
Starving and thirsting I came to the SaviorW. E. M. (Author)2
Sweet gospel bells are ringingWilliam Edie Marks (Author)3
That old garment you have long been wearingW. E. M. (Author)2
The battle is on, The fight must be wonWilliam Edie Marks (Author)3
The grace I need is guaranteedWilliam Edie Marks (Author)3
The Savior is tenderly callingWilliam Edie Marks (Author)1
The time is nearing for our appearingW. E. M. (Author)2
There are hearts to cherish, there are souls that perishWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
There is much that we can doW. E. M. (Author)2
There is need of soldiers in the army of the KingWilliam Edie Marks (Author)3
There is so much we can beWilliam Edie Marks (Author)3
There's a battle great now ragingWilliam Edie Marks (Author)7
There's a home beyond all toilW. E. M. (Author)2
There's a numberless throngW. E. M. (Author)2
There's a stream from the mount of Calvary flowingW. E. M. (Author)2
There's no better place to beWilliam Edie Marks (Author)3
This my song shall be Through eternityWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Though the stain of sin defiled MeW. E. M. (Author)2
Though I once was sadWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Though I only may a standardWilliam Edie Marks (Author)3
Through all the struggles that come to me hereW. E. M. (Author)3
To those you meet along the wayW. E. M. (Author)3
Unto thee I look, O SaviorWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Up, up, up, the prettyWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
Upon the altar now I layWilliam Edie Marks (Author)3
Voice upraising, Jesus praisingW. E. M. (Author)2
Wake and sing Jesus from the grave has risenWilliam Edie Marks (Author)3
We are living under God's protecting careW. E. M. (Author)2
We are standard bearersWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
We are walking in the brightW. E. M. (Author)2
We shall greet one anotherW. E. M. (Author)2
We will not look through a darkened glassWilliam Edie Marks (Author)4
We will reach that blessed haven in the skyW. E. M. (Author)2
Welcome, welcome happyWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
We'll do our best and ever fightWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
We're a mighty valiant bandW. E. M. (Author)2
What matchless love beyond compareWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
When I gave my heart to Jesus and his precious nameWilliam Edie Marks (Author)4
When in the midst of life'sWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
When life with its pleasure is overW. E. M. (Author)2
When the battle hereWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
When the faithful have gathered upW. E. M. (Author)2
When the foe is pressing nearW. E. M. (Author)3
When the trump awakes, when the dawn first breaksW. E. M. (Author)2
Why do you wonderWilliam Edie Marks (Author)2
You ask me why I serve the LordW. E. M. (Author)2
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