S. Wesley Martin

Short Name: S. Wesley Martin
Full Name: Martin, S. (Samuel) Wesley, b. 1839
Birth Year: 1839
Death Year (est.): 1939

Martin, Samuel Wesley, author of "The Gospel Bells are ringing" (The Gospel Message), was born at Plainfield, Illinois, Jan. 20, 1839.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)


Born: January 20, 1839, Plainfield, Illinois.

Martin was organist and choirmaster at St. Chrysostom’s Episcopal Church, Chicago, Illinois (1896-1902). His works include:

The Welcome Hour, for Use in Singing Schools, Choirs, Social Circles, Musical Conventions, Glee Clubs, Concerts, Etc., with W. H. Walter, 1877

Julian, p. 1579


Texts by S. Wesley Martin (9)sort descendingAsInstances
As novas do evangelho vêm as trevas já banirSamuel Wesley Martin (Author)2
Be not dismayed whate'er betideW. S. Martin (Author)1
Des Heiles Botschaft bringetS. W. Martin (Author)2
Hør, naadens budskab lyder Vidt omkring i alle landS. Wesley Martin (Author)2
Hoer nadens budskap ljuderS. Wesley Martin (Author)2
Jesus, merciful and mild, HearS. Wesley Martin (Author)2
Ke kani nei na beleS. Wesley Martin (Author)3
Se, Naadens Bud nu sendesS. Wesley Martin (Author)2
The gospel bells are ringingS. W. M. (Author)47

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