James Phillip McAuley

James Phillip McAuley
James Phillip McAuley
Short Name: James Phillip McAuley
Full Name: McAuley, James Phillip, 1917-1976
Birth Year: 1917
Death Year: 1976
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As children of our God we're sisters, brothersJames Philip McAuley, 1917-76 (Author)3
At your hands, Lord, we are fedJames Phillip McAuley (Author)3
Christ, our star, our map, our roadJames Philip McAuley, 1917-76 (Author)3
Creation sings a new song unto the LordJames Philip McAuley, 1917-76 (Author)3
God be with us in our lives, Direct us in our callingJames Phillip McAuley (Author)3
How can we pass by and not care?James Phillip McAuley (Author)3
May we stand within the fireJames Phillip McAuley (Author)2
Sin has sundered us from GodJames Phillip McAuley (Author)3
Sing the joyful Easter cryJames Phillip McAuley (Author)3
The fruits of earth, the bread and wineJames Phillip McAuley 1917-76 (Author)2
When Adam fell God gave his wordJames Philip McAuley (Author)2

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