I. N. McHose

Short Name: I. N. McHose
Full Name: McHose, Isaac N.
Birth Year (est.): 1831

McHose, Isaac N. Born 1831/1832, Hellerstown, Pennsylvania. Some speculation on his identity. Co-editor with Kurzenknabe and Bentley on Gospel Trio of Sacred Song (1891).

--Letters, family trees in DNAH Archives

Texts by I. N. McHose (53)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Are you living in the darkness?I. N. McH. (Author)English9
Are you weary, heavy laden, Lone and comfortless today?Rev. I. N. McHose (Author)English3
Asking peace, and joy, and pardonI. N. McHose (Author)English1
Awake from thy slumbersI. N. McHose (Author)2
Awake, my soul, stretch every nerveI. N. McHose (Author)English1
Awake, thou that sleepest, arise from the dead (McHose)I. N. McH. (Author)English3
Beautiful hands on yon heavenly heightI. N. McHose (Author)English2
Brother, are you sad and wearyI. N. McH. (Author)English3
Come, come to the Savior, to Jesus, the SaviorI. N. McHose (Author)English5
Come home, O wanderer, come homeI. N. McHose (Author)English2
Droben trägt man keine LastI. N. McHose (Author)German1
For me my Savior left His throneI. N. McHose (Author)English2
Deine LiebeI. N. M. (Author)German1
Herr, Deine Liebehat mich befreitI. N. McHose (Author)German1
Over in heaven are loved ones tonightI. N. McHose (Author)English5
How often I've heard of a cityI. N. McHose (Author)2
I am cleansed within that wondrous fountainI. N. McHose (Author)English2
I am happy all the timeI. N. McHose (Author)2
I once was lost, and gone astrayI. N. McHose (Author)English2
Jesus died to ransom meI. N. McHose (Author)3
Jesus my Savior did leave His bright homeI. N. McH. (Author)English7
'Mid the lightning's lurid flashI. N. McHose (Author)English13
My home is in heaven, my rest is not hereI. N. McHose (Author (Chorus))English1
O dies Wunder der göttlichen LiebeI. N. McHose (Author)German3
O now in the bright golden sun-set of lifeI. N. McHose (Author)2
O sacred flame, O living fire! Descend upon me nowI. N. McHose (Author)English2
O the great love the dear Savior has shownI. N. McHose (Author)English12
O what is your record, my brotherI. N. McHose (Author)English2
O how often we sing of a city so fairI. N. McH. (Author)English7
O why will you go away tonight, unsaved and rejecting the LordI. N. McHose (Author)English16
Once again the sun has left usI. N. McH. (Author)English2
Put on the brakes my brotherI. N. McHose (Author)English6
Resting on the faithfulness of ChristI. N. McHose (Author)2
Say, what meaneth this commotionI. N. McHose (Author)2
Steeped in sin and degradationI. N. McHose (Author)English3
The Christian stands a beacon lightI. N. McHose (Author)English2
There is a fountain flowing with bloodI. N. McHose (Author)English2
There is a land of pure delight, where we shall be gathered by and byI. N. McHose (Author)English9
There's a feast now awaiting, prepared by loving handsI. N. McHose (Author)English10
There's a fountain flowing freely (Edmiaston)I. N. McHose (Author)English1
There's a fountain flowing freely, Coming from the Savior's veinsI. N. McHose (Author)English2
Thy love's unbounded, So vast, so freeI. N. M. (Author)English3
'Tis a wonderful, wonderful storyRev. I. N. McHose (Author)English3
We are on our journey home, journey homeI. N. McHose (Author)English3
We will ever rest our faith in the Savior's wordI. N. McHose (Author)English2
We will lay our burdens down, bye and byeI. N. McHose (Author)English10
We're on the old ship ZionI. N. McHose (Author)English2
When my labors shall cease, and I lie down in peaceI. N. McHose (Author)English3
When the martyred One I seeI. N. McHose (Author)English1
When the weary at heart and laden with sinI. N. McHose (Author)English1
While we live upon earth, we have something to doI. N. McHose (Author)English3
Will you come back, ye wanderersI. N. McHose (Author)2
Wonder of wonders that Jesus loves meI. N. McHose (Author)English3
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