Arthur W. McKee

Short Name: Arthur W. McKee
Full Name: McKee, Arthur W., 1891-1953
Birth Year: 1891
Death Year: 1953

b. oct. 15, 1891, Worcester, Mass.; d. June 7, 1953, Winona Lake, Ind.; composer

Tunes by Arthur W. McKee (12)sort descendingAsInstances
[A wonderful Friend is my Savior and Lord]Arthur W. McKee (Composer)2
[Come and let us lift our hearts in songs of praise]A. W. McKee (Composer)2
[I know that some day from His heavenly throne]Arthur McKee (Composer)5
[I’ve enlisted in the army of Jehovah]Arthur W. McKee (Composer)3
[I've entered the land dearly bought by His blood]Arthur W. McKee (Composer)7
[Not by values told such as gems or gold]Arthur W. McKee (Composer)2
[O what a wonderful day that will be]Arthur W. McKee (Composer)2
[Only Thy presence, O Savior divine]Arthur W. McKee (Composer)4
[Sing His praise, the King of Glory]Arthur W. McKee (Composer)2
[The One who once walked on the waters]Arthur W. McKee (Composer)4
[The river of Thy grace is flowing free]Arthur W. McKee (Composer)10
[We praise the name of Him who came]Arthur W. McKee (Composer)2
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