L. Briggs Mitchell

Short Name: L. Briggs Mitchell
Full Name: Mitchell, L. Briggs
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All the days of my time while I tarryL. B. M. (Author)English2
As we go upon our wayL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)English2
Dismiss us with thy blessing, Lord, Inspire our closing layL. B. M. (Author)2
Father, once again we comeL. B. M. (Author)5
Glory ever be to theeL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)2
God notes the little sparrow's fall, not one doth lowly lieL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)English2
How full of comfort are thy precious wordsL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)2
I am coming to the fountain, Flowing free for all mankindL. B. M. (Author)English2
I will sing of the beautiful cityL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)2
In the service of our KingL. B. Mitchell (Author)English2
Life is passing, quickly passingL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)2
Nearer to Thee, is my prayer, O SaviorL. B. M. (Author)English2
Now has come the time of partingL. B. M. (Author)English2
O it will be brighter tomorrowL. B. M. (Author)English3
O pilgrim on your homeward wayL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)2
O rally, ye soldiers of Jesus todayL. B. M. (Author)English3
O reflect the light divineL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)2
O tell me the beautiful storyL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)English4
O the light from the bright world above meL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)English3
O what is the blest tokenL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)2
Peace on earth, good will to menL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)2
Rally to the standardL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)2
Ring the bells of heaven, touch the heavenly stringsL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)2
See the Savior in the gardenL. B. M. (Author)2
The blessed rule that Jesus gaveL. B. Mitchell (Author)English2
The music sweetly greets my earL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)4
The songs of the great salvationL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)English2
There is work for Christian hearts and handsL. B. M. (Author)6
There will be a perfect restL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)2
There's a light that is shining above usL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)2
There's a song that the angels never singL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)English2
There's a voice comes to my soulL. B. M. (Author)English2
Thou who art our only SaviorL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)2
'Tis the love of Jesus Cheers our hearts todayL. B. M. (Author)English5
Toiling, toiling day by dayL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)English2
We are all in the heart of the Blessed OneL. B. M. (Author)English2
We are busy little workersL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)2
We are hastening along to the beautiful landL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)3
We are marching to gloryL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)2
We'll make our heaven here, belowL. B. Mitchell (Author)English1
We'll sow the seeds of kindness in the blush of mornL. B. Mitchell (Author)English5
When the blessed Master left our worldL. Briggs Mitchell (Author)2
Who'll press for gold yon crowded streetLouise Mitchell (Author (st. 3))English1
With praise upon our lips we closeL. B. M. (Author)English2
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