James C. Moore

Short Name: James C. Moore
Full Name: Moore, James C. (James Cleveland), 1888-1962
Birth Year: 1888
Death Year: 1962
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A beautiful home, what joy to beholdJames C. Moore (Author)2
A beautiful mansion by faith we can seeJames C. Moore (Author)2
After our sorrows, our troubles and caresJames C. Moore (Author)2
All hail the mighty King of kingsJames C. Moore (Author)4
All hail to him, our risen KingJames C. Moore (Author)2
All hail to Him, our SaviorJ. C. M. (Author)2
Are your garments stained with sinJames C. Moore (Author)2
Arise, O church, be on thy guardJ. C. M. (Author)2
Bowed beneath a heavy burdenJ. C. M. (Author)2
Dear Lord, I know not where thou leadestJames C. Moore (Author)2
Do you ask what most I prize?Rev. James Connor, 1824-1896 (Author)1
Fair land of Columbia, the home of the freeJames Moore (Author)3
He leadeth me, O joy divineJames C. Moore (Author)2
Hear the souls yet groping onJames C. Moore (Author)2
Here our load is often heavy, dangers meet on ev'ry handJ. C. M. (Author)2
Here we have our disappointmentsJames C. Moore (Author)1
His banner o'er meJames C. Moore (Author)2
I am on my way to Canaan's landJas. C. Moore (Author)2
I have a sweet song in my heartJ. C. M. (Author)2
I have heard of a land on the faraway strandJ. C. M. (Author)96
I once was lost in sin's dark night (Moore)James C. Moore (Author)2
I Thy servant ever would beJ. C. M. (Author)2
If the pathway you travel is drearyJ. C. M. (Author)2
I'll never cease to love Him, blest Lamb of CalvaryJames C. Moore (Author)2
I'm told of a place they call HeavenJ. C. M. (Author)2
In the road to glory I am pressing onJames C. Moore (Author)2
I've heard my Savior callingJ. C. M. (Author)2
Jesus' blood has made me wholeJ. C. M. (Author)2
March on, O church of God, march onRev. Jas. C. Moore (Author)2
Not this world can sooth a sorrowJames C. Moore (Author)2
Nothing of myself I claimJames C. Moore (Author)2
Once the blessed Lord who came from gloryRev. Jas. C. Moore (Author)2
Out in the cold world and far awayJames C. Moore (Author)12
Praise the Redeemer, the King of kingsJames C. Moore (Author)2
Send the news of God's salvationRev. Jas. C. Moore (Author)2
Show me Thy love, teach me Thy willJ. C. M. (Author)2
Since His peace and glory filled my soul with singingJ. C. M. (Author)2
Sing on, keep telling the storyJas. C. Moore (Author)2
Some day the journey will be doneJ. C. M. (Author)1
Someone is burdenedJames C. Moore (Author)2
Songs of praise we now can singJ. C. M. (Author)2
The fires of living faith are burningJames C. Moore (Author)2
The Savior came down from his mansion aboveJames C. Moore (Author)2
There are those who grope in darknessJames C. Moore (Author)2
There are trials sore, on my way belowJames C. Moore (Author)2
There is a land of pure delight (Moore)James C. Moore (Author)2
There is a land where life is trueJas. C. Moore (Author)2
There will be a happy timeJames C. Moore (Author)2
There's a beautiful, wonderful cityJames C. Moore (Author)2
There's a song my heart is singing as with Christ I go alongJ. C. M. (Author)2
There's a wonderful love in Jesus my LordJ. C. M. (Author)2
Though heavy burdens bend you lowJ. C. M. (Author)2
Thou, O Christ of CalvaryJames C. Moore, 1888- (Author)3
Though clouds around me gatherJames C. Moore (Author)2
To Jesus, my Lord I'd closer be drawnJ. C. M. (Author)3
We are in the service of our blest RedeemerRev. Jas. C. Moore (Author)2
What can fully save my soulJames C. Moore (Author)2
When I shall land inside the gateJ. C. M. (Author)2
When our Savior comes from HeavenRev. Jas. C. Moore (Author)2
When the clouds of sorrow gatheredJames C. Moore (Author)2
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