J. L. Moore

Short Name: J. L. Moore
Full Name: Moore, J. L. (John Lewis)
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Texts by J. L. Moore (46)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Are you working for the Master (Moore)John Lewis Moore (Author)3
Behold the Lamb of God, who died on CalvaryJohn Lewis Moore (Author)2
Bright songs for Jesus singJohn Lewis Moore (Author)2
Brother hear the Master callingJohn Lewis Moore (Author)2
Children, come to Sunday schoolJohn Lewis Moore (Author)3
Go work in the vineyard, while yet 'tis called todayJ. L. M. (Author)English2
Hark! hear the sweet words your Father is sayingJ. L. Moore (Author)English4
I am now a child of God, I've been washed in Jesus' bloodJohn Lewis Moore (Author)English29
I had wandered far from Jesus (Moore)John Lewis Moore (Author)2
I know that my Savior will giveJohn Lewis Moore (Author)2
I read in the Book of booksJohn Lewis Moore (Author)3
I will follow the steps of my SaviorJohn Lewis Moore (Author)2
I will tell the wondrous story, Of the Savior's love for meJohn Lewis Moore (Author)English1
In the service of the MasterJohn Lewis Moore (Author)English2
I've a message for all from heaven aboveJohn Lewis Moore (Author)3
Jesus, my Savior, who diedJohn Lewis Moore (Author)2
Let me sing, O, let me singJohn Lewis Moore (Author)3
Little servants in the vineyardJohn Lewis Moore (Author)2
O Christians, hearken to the callJohn Lewis Moore (Author)2
O hear the blessed Savior sayJohn Lewis Moore (Author)2
O hear what the Master is saying to youJohn Lewis Moore (Author)English2
O Jesus, Savior dear, I pray to theeJohn Lewis Moore (Author)2
O list to the SaviorJohn Lewis Moore (Author)3
O sinner, make room for the SaviorJohn Lewis Moore (Author)2
Rock of ages, hide thou meJohn Lewis Moore (Author)3
Sabbath bells are ringing (Moore)John Lewis Moore (Author)3
Since Jesus washed my sins away, I am happy onJohn Lewis Moore (Author)2
Sinner, come to the Lord, He is calling now for theeJ. L. M. (Author)English2
Sinner, hear the invitation, Come to Jesus, don't delayJohn Lewis Moore (Author)English3
Sinner, the Savior is calling, Calling today, calling todayJohn Lewis Moore (Author)English2
Some day there'll be a meetingJ. L. M. (Author)English3
There is a crown of righteousnessJohn Lewis Moore (Author)2
There is a home where angels dwellJohn Lewis Moore (Author)English1
There's a home beyond the river (Moore)John Lewis Moore (Author)3
There's a land, a bright and sunny landJohn Lewis Moore (Author)3
This world's a dreary wildernessJohn Lewis Moore (Author)1
We are in the armyJohn Lewis Moore (Author)2
We are marching on to Canaan, earnest soldiers, brave and trueJ. L. M. (Author)English2
We are walking in the light of GodJohn Lewis Moore (Author)2
We should sow precious seedJohn Lewis Moore (Author)2
We will follow, we will follow in thy footstepsJohn Lewis Moore (Author)4
We will work for the MasterJohn Lewis Moore (Author)2
We're marching to Canaan, thatJohn Lewis Moore (Author)2
We're sailing to a far off shoreJohn Lewis Moore (Author)English10
When this weary life is overJohn Lewis Moore (Author)2
While the rugged sea of lifeJohn Lewis Moore (Author)2
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