Robert Morris

Robert Morris
Short Name: Robert Morris
Full Name: Morris, Robert, 1818-1888
Birth Year: 1818
Death Year: 1888

Morris, Robert, LL.D., born Aug. 31, 1818, is a member of the Presbyterian Church, and an extensive writer on Freemasonry. In 1868 he visited the Holy Land on behalf of the Freemasons of America, the outcome of which was his work, Freemasonry in the Holy Land. He is the author of some 300 poetical pieces. One of these, "Each gentle dove and sighing bough" (Evening), is in H. R. Palmer's Songs of Love for the Bible School, 1874, Sankey's Sacred Songs and Solos, 1881, &c..

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

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كنت أسيرا في الأثامRobert Morris (Author)1
As a shepherd he will lead themRobt. Morris, LL.D. (Author)12
As we glide down the soft flowingRob. Morris, L.L.D. (Author)4
Be ye holy, O my brotherRobert Morris (Author)2
Christian pilgrims, poor and wearyRobert Morris, L. L. D. (Author)3
Consider how the lillies growRob. Morris, LL. D. (Author)4
Each cooing dove and sighing boughRobert Morris (Author)130
Hvar dufvas roest och tr'dens susRobert Morris (Author)2
If you have a pleasant thought, sing itRobert Morris, LL. D. (Author)33
In that lonely isleRob. Morris, LL. D. (Author)2
Lord, at evening time we comeRobert Morris (Author)2
Now Hosanna, Son of DavidRobert Morris (Author)4
O sweet are the songs of springRobert Morris (Author)2
O'er the portals of mercy these words are inscribedRobert Morris (Author)8
Singing in the old songRob. Morris, LL. D. (Author)2
Softly a lullaby soothesRobert Morris (Author)3
The music of our livesRobert Morris (Author)2
Thou, O Christ, ascending highRobert Morris (Author)2
Weeping tears, ah, brokenRob. Morris, LL. D. (Author)2
When the south wind softly blowingRobert Morris (Author)5
Whene'er you see a schoolboyRob. Morris, LL. D. (Author)5
Whenever you see a schoolboyRob. Morris (Author)2
Where flowers immortal bloomRob. Morris, LL.D. (Author)3

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