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A. F. Myers

Short Name: A. F. Myers
Full Name: Myers, A. F.

Augustus (Gus) Franklin Myers USA 1850-1902. Born at Ashland, OH, he was a music composer and publisher. He may have taught music, as his title of ‘Professor’, is noted by one source. His song books include: “The life line”, “The search light” (1894), “The seed sower” (1897). He wrote many lyrics and tunes. He died at Toledo, OH.

John Perry

Texts by A. F. Myers (83)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A voice comes over the watersA. F. Myers (Author)English1
Are you working for the Master every dayA. F. Myers (Author)2
As the little ones praised Him of yoreA. F. Myers (Author)English2
At my work I'm always singingA. F. Myers (Author)English7
Blessed Savior, how I love TheeA. F. Myers (Author)English3
Brother, the Master is calling anewA. F. Myers (Author)2
Children, Jesus calls you, Will you come to Him?A. F. Myers (Author)English2
Come to the land where the seraphim shineA. F. Myers (Author)English3
Come to the Savior, O hear His sweet voice! Slight not His mercy, but make Him your choiceA. F. Myers (Author)English2
Do the cares of life oppress youA. F. Myers (Author)English3
Do you want pardon? do you want peace?A. F. Myers (Author)English2
Drinking at the fountain pureA. F. Myers (Author)English2
Follow, follow, following Jesus the MasterA. F. Myers (Author)English2
Friend after friend must leave us hereA. F. M. (Author)English2
Go earnestly forward, out into the highwaysA. F. Myers (Author)English5
Go out in the highways and hedges, And gather the wanderers inA. F. Myers (Author)English5
God has work for all to doA. F. Myers (Author)English2
Grant me thy bountiful blessingA. F. Myers (Author)English5
Hark, I hear the Savior saying follow meA. F. Myers (Author)English3
Hark, I hear the Savior speaking tenderlyA. F. Myers (Author)English2
Have you asked of God a favorA. F. Myers (Author)English4
Have you, my brother, ever been pardoned?A. F. Myers (Author)English2
Have you sad and weary grownA. F. Myers (Author)English4
Hear the loving Savior saying, Lean my weary child on meA. F. M. (Author)English2
Hear the Savior saying, Come to meA. F. M. (Author)English7
I am satisfied with Jesus, For He is my truest FriendA. F. Myers (Author)English4
I gladly will follow my blessed RedeemerA. F. M. (Author)English7
I had wandered afar from the ShepherdA. F. Myers (Author)English5
I know at the river of deathA. F. Myers (Author)English7
I know the Redeemer can save youA. F. M. (Author)English2
I know when the river I crossA. F. Myers (Author)English4
I read of a beautiful cityA. F. Myers (Author)English2
I was once lost in sin and impure withinA. F. M. (Author)English7
I will meet you at the fountainA. F. M. (Author)English3
I will sing of His mercy so wondrously freeA. F. Myers (Author)English3
Ich weiß wer am finsteren StromA. F. M. (Author)German3
If we are Christ's we'll follow whereA. F. M. (Author (chorus))English1
If you come in faith and prayerA. F. Myers (Author)English2
If you want pardon, if you want peaceA. F. Myers (Author)English17
I'm satisfied with Jesus' wayA. F. Myers (Author)English2
In our Sabbath school, jubileeA. F. Myers (Alterer)English1
I've found the living watersA. F. Myers (Author)English3
Keep close to the Savior, be upright and trueA. F. Myers (Author)English3
Lo! the day is passing the Master callsA. F. M. (Author)English2
Lovingly, tenderly, bring in the lost ones, bring them inA. F. M. (Author)English8
May I follow thee, blessed Lord of loveA. F. Myers (Author)English2
O beautiful, beautiful story of oldA. F. Myers (Author)English2
O how joyful we should be, when from careA. F. Myers (Author)2
O my brother, have you started for the heavenly land? (Myers)A. F. Myers (Author)English4
O Savior, help me faithful beA. F. Myers (Author)English2
On sin's barren rocky coastA. F. Myers (Author)English2
Praise the Lord, He died for theeA. F. Myers (Author)English3
Rejoice, rejoice, my soul it singsA. F. Myers (Author)English1
Saints rejoicing angels singingA. F. M. (Author)English3
Say, is your light shining? look quickly and seeA. F. Myers (Author)English3
Scattering beams of sunshineA. F. M. (Author)English2
Singing for Jesus, trying to serve himA. F. Myers (Author)3
Soul have you heard him, Blessed RedeemerA. F. M. (Author)English7
Sowing by word and deedA. F. Myers (Author)English3
The blood of Jesus cleanseth me, Hallelujah, hallelujah!A. F. M. (Author)English5
The story's oft been toldA. F. Myers (Author)English2
There is a stream that flows from CalvaryA. F. M. (Author (Chorus))English1
There's a happy land, far awayA. F. Myers (Author)English1
Though I am weak and sinfulA. F. Myers (Author)English2
Thus the choir of angels singA. F. Myers (Author)English2
'Tis through this grace I am today within the path, the living wayA. F. M. (Author)English2
Unto every thirsty oneA. F. Myers (Author)English2
Upon the crossA. F. Myers (Author)2
We are working, we are prayingA. F. Myers (Author)English2
We have met in Jesus' nameA. F. Myers (Author)English2
We may do some good each dayA. F. Myers (Author)English2
We will walk the streets of Gold (Myers)A. F. Myers (Author)English2
What can satisfy my soulA. F. Myers (Author)English2
What was it bore the cross for me?A. F. Myers (Author)English2
When a temptation assails youA. F. Myers (Author)English2
When but a child I learned to prayA. F. M. (Author)English2
When I came to the Savior, with sin's curse and blightA. F. Myers (Author)English2
When temptation sorely tries youA. F. M. (Author)English3
Who is it travels, East and WestA. F. M. (Author)English2
Why do you linger, my brotherA. F. Myers (Author)English3
Wondrous story of His loveA. F. Myers (Author)English4
Would you always cheerful beA. F. Myers (Author)English23
You ask me how I know I'm savedA. F. M. (Author)English2
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