Thomas C. Neal

Short Name: Thomas C. Neal
Full Name: Neal, Thomas C., 1849-1916
Birth Year: 1849
Death Year: 1916 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Thomas C. Neal (59)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A house called characterThomas C. Neal (Author)2
A little song for JesusThomas C. Neal (Author)English2
After earth's short, weary dayThomas C. Neal (Author)2
As we journey day by dayThomas C. Neal (Author)2
As we journey to our homeT. C. N. (Author)English3
Beautiful star of Bethlehem's plainThomas C. Neal (Author)2
Blessed holy Bible, book from GodT. C. N. (Author)English3
Blessed Jesus, we come to theeThomas C. Neal (Author)English4
Blessed, loving JesusThomas C. Neal (Author)2
Carry a smiling face for JesusT. C. N. (Author)2
Cold water is the drinkThomas C. Neal (Author)2
Come, let us join in joyful laysThomas C. Neal (Author)English2
Gladly here again we meetThomas C. Neal (Author)2
God of our father, ourThomas C. Neal (Author)2
Hear [Hark] the blessed Savior saying, Let the children come to meT. C. N. (Author)English7
Hark, 'tis the invitationT. C. N. (Author)English2
Hear the blessed Master sayingThomas C. Neal (Author)2
Holding up the temperance bannerT. C. N. (Author)English2
I am on my way to glory, To the city out of sightThomas C. Neal (Author)English2
I belong to Jesus, So I'll try to spendThomas C. Neal (Author)English1
I love the blessed Savior, He's all in all to meThomas C. Neal (Author)English1
I ought to love the SaviorThomas C. Neal (Author)English2
If I could fly like a bird with wingsThomas C. Neal (Author)English2
In His name arise, ye christiansThomas C. Neal (Author)English2
In our work and in our play (Neal)Thomas C. Neal (Author)English2
Jesus is almighty KingThomas C. Neal (Author)2
Jesus loves to hear usThomas C. Neal (Author)2
Lead me, precious JesusThomas C. Neal (Author)2
Little ones may bring toThomas C. Neal (Author)2
Little to me it matters whither my feet are ledThomas C. Neal (Author)English2
Many saved ones now are singingT. C. N. (Author)English2
My Savior is so good to meT. C. Neal (Author)2
Now is the time of sowingThomas C. Neal (Author)2
Over all, in the regionsThomas C. Neal (Author)2
Some bow to houses, lands or goldThomas C. Neal (Author)English2
Some day the clouds will pass away foreverThomas C. Neal (Author)English12
Sunny songs we're singingThomas C. Neal (Author)2
The little tot is not forgotThomas C. Neal (Author)2
There is a glorious home on high, Where all is bright and fairT. C. N. (Author)English2
There is a wondrous cityThomas C. Neal (Author)2
There is much for everyone to doThomas C. Neal (Author)English2
There's a book which surpasses the sagesT. C. N. (Author)English3
There's a great book above, kept by God in His loveThomas C. Neal (Author)English2
Through a world of sin we goThomas C. Neal (Author)English2
'Tis blessed to trust in the SaviorThomas C. Neal (Author)English2
'Tis sweet to sing of JesusRev. T. C. Neal (Author)English2
To the front, ye Christian soldiersThomas C. Neal (Author)2
To the front, ye Christian workersT. C. Neal (Author)English4
Tossed upon life’s stormy seaTom C. Neal (Author)English2
Trusting in our SaviorThomas C. Neal (Author)2
Walk in wisdom's holy wayThomas C. Neal (Author)2
We are here to gather jewelsT. C. N. (Author)English3
We journey onward day by dayT. C. N. (Author)English3
We're marching onward, dayThomas C. Neal (Author)2
When I look at the stars I think of the homeThomas C. Neal (Author)English3
When the door is shut it will be too lateRev. T. C. Neal (Author)English4
Will the Savior greatThomas C. Neal (Author)2
With the talent God has givenT. C. N. (Author)English4
With the window open wideThomas C. Neal (Author)English4
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