T. Tertius Noble

T. Tertius Noble
Short Name: T. Tertius Noble
Full Name: Noble, T. Tertius (Thomas Tertius), 1867-1953
Birth Year: 1867
Death Year: 1953

Thomas Tertius Nobel (1867-1953) was born in Bath, England, educated at the Royal College of Music, and was a noted composer and organist. He served as a church or­gan­ist in Cam­bridge and Col­ches­ter. He moved to Ely Ca­thed­ral in 1892 as or­gan­ist and choir­mas­ter, and in 1898 to York Min­ster, where he found­ed the York Sym­pho­ny Or­ches­tra, di­rect­ed the York Mu­sic­al So­ci­e­ty, con­duct­ed the York Pa­geant, and re­vived the York Mu­sic­al Fes­tiv­al af­ter a lapse of 75 years. He be­came an hon­or­a­ry fel­low of the Roy­al Coll­ege of Or­gan­ists in 1905. In 1913, he moved to New York Ci­ty, where he was or­gan­ist at St. Tho­mas’ Epis­co­pal Church, and es­tab­lished its choir school and a boys’ choir. In ad­di­tion to com­pos­ing, he wrote about mu­sic ed­u­ca­tion, and helped ed­it the 1916 Pro­test­ant Epis­co­pal hym­nal, and served on the mu­sic com­mit­tee that pre­pared its 1940 suc­ces­sor. He wrote a wide range of mu­sic, but on­ly his serv­ices, an­thems and hymn tunes are still per­formed reg­u­lar­ly. Died: May 4, 1953, Rock­port, Mass­a­chu­setts.


Tunes by T. Tertius Noble (26)sort descendingAsInstances
[Amen]Tertius Noble, 1867-1953 (Based on)2
[Chant] (Noble 11112)Thomas Tertius Noble, 1867-1953 (Composer)2
EASTWICKThomas Tertius Noble (Composer)2
ELY CATHEDRALT. Tertius Noble, 1867 - 1953 (Composer)5
EUROCLYDON (Noble)T. Tertius Noble (Composer)2
[Fair the night in Bethl’hem land]Thomas Tertius Noble, 1867-1953 (Composer)2
[Chant] (Tallis 33233)T. Tertius Noble (Arranger)1
IN BABILONET. Tertius Noble, 1867 - 1953 (Harmonizer)3
INNOCENTST. Tertius Noble (Harmonizer)1
[Lord, have mercy] (Noble)T. Tertius Noble (Composer)2
[Lord, have mercy upon us] (Noble)T. Tertius Noble (Composer)2
MAUBURN (Noble)T. Tertius Noble (Composer)5
NEW ENGLANDT. Tertius Noble (Composer)3
NEW YORK (Noble)T. Tertius Noble (Composer)2
[Chant] (Noble 34323)Noble (Composer)4
ORA LABORA (Noble)T. Tertius Noble (Composer)20
RAYMOND (Noble)T. Tertius Noble (Composer)3
RECESSIONAL (Noble)T. Tertius Noble (Composer)2
REGENT SQUARE (Smart)T. Tertius Noble (Harmonizer)1
ROCKPORTThomas Tertius Noble (Composer)8
ST. AUDREYT. Tertius Noble (Composer)2
CRUSADERS' HYMN (111271)Thomas Tertuis Noble, 1867-1953 (Harmonizer)4
ST. THEODULPH (Teschner)Thomas Tertius Noble (Composer)1
ST. THOMAS (Noble)T. Tertius Noble (Composer)2
WATCHMAN (Mason)T. Tertius Noble (Harmonizer)1
YORK (Noble)T. Tertius Noble (Composer)2
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