Miriam E. Oatman

Short Name: Miriam E. Oatman
Full Name: Oatman, Miriam E. (Miriam Eulalie), b. 1887
Birth Year: 1887
Death Year: 1987

Miriam Oatman was the daughter of Joseph Oatman, Jr. and married Frederick F. Blachly. She was a political scientist and served on the Brookings Institution from 1925 to 1933 and taught political science and economics at the American University Graduate School in the 1930’s, and 1940’s. She also wrote over three hundred hymns and composed the music to several of her father's hymns. "How the Fire Fell" is perhaps the most widely known.

Texts by Miriam E. Oatman (28)sort descendingAsInstances
All my sins are washed away, by the blood of JesusMiriam E. Oatman (Author)4
Christian soldiers for the conflictMiriam E. Oatman (Author)2
Come, Holy Spirit, come todayMiriam E. Oatman (Author)2
Come, O my Savior, break the powerMiriam E. Oatman (Author)2
God is love, O speed the tidingsMiriam E. Oatman (Author)3
Hark, O sinner, Jesus calls theeMiriam E. Oatman (Author)15
Hear the glad message that ringsMiriam E. Oatman (Author)2
I had wandered afar from the truth and the rightMiriam E. Oatman (Author)2
I sing a song of new delightMiriam E. Oatman (Author)2
I was once in Egypt's bondage But deliveranceMiriam E. Oatman (Author)37
I'll trust in my Savior foreverMiriam E. Oatman (Author)2
In the joy of the Lord is my strengthMiriam E. Oatman (Author)2
Jesus has saved me, O praise his dear nameMiriam E. Oatman (Author)2
Let us scatter deeds of kindnessMiriam E. Oatman (Author)5
Long I've walked with JesusMiriam E. Oatman (Author)2
Now at the door the Savior standsMiriam E. Oatman (Author)2
O Father, God in whom we trustMiriam E. Oatman (Author)5
O praise the Lord, I'm saved todayMiriam E. Oatman (Author)3
O turn, all ye peopleMiriam E. Oatman (Author)2
Onward, onward haste, ye Christian soldiersMiriam E. Oatman (Author)3
The storm may rage on the mountainsMiriam E. Oatman (Author)2
There's a light that shinethMiriam E. Oatman (Author)3
Though all my soul was stainedMiriam E. Oatman (Author)3
We're marching onward to our home on highMiriam E. Oatman (Author)2
Whatever the road which I must treadMiriam E. Oatman (Author)2
Whatever the woes that betideMiriam E. Oatman (Author)3
When Christ, our Savior, was here on earthMiriam E. Oatman (Author)2
When mighty kings have gone to clayMiriam E. Oatman (Author)2
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