James L. Orr

Short Name: James L. Orr
Full Name: Orr, James L.
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Texts by James L. Orr (24)sort descendingAsInstances
Beware of the wine, of the rich, ruby wineJames L. Orr (Author)2
I am waiting, I am waitingJames L. Orr (Author)3
If Jesus leads we need not fearJames L. Orr (Author)2
In the harvest we laborJames L. Orr (Author)2
I've heard the sweet story of Jesus. Which tellsJames L. Orr (Author)2
Kiss me, Mamma, I am dyingJames L. Orr (Author)2
Mansions bright are over thereJames L. Orr (Author)4
O we are little pilgrimsJames L. Orr (Author)3
O why are we worriedJames L. Orr (Author)2
O the songs that are sungJ. L. Orr (Author)4
O we sing the glad songs of EdenJ. L. Orr (Author)2
On a troubled sea we rideJames L. Orr (Author)2
On the troubled sea we rideJames L. Orr (Author)2
Over life's ocean, wildJames L. Orr (Author)2
See yon gallant vesselJames L. Orr (Author)2
The Lord, my Shepherd is, He guides me day by dayJames L. Orr (Author)3
The starlight silvered o'er Judea's plainJames L. Orr (Author)2
The Sunday school army is marchingJames L. Orr (Author)3
There is life everlasting for those who believeJ. L. Orr (Author)2
There is no night in heaven, no sorrow, grief or careJ. L. Orr (Author)3
We are true and faithful laborersJames L. Orr (Author)2
We are wandering ever onwardJames L. Orr (Author)2
When our pilgrimage is endedJames L. Orr (Author)2
When we gather at the Savior's callJames L. Orr (Author)4
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