O. A. Parris

Short Name: O. A. Parris
Full Name: Parris, O. A.
Birth Year: 1897
Death Year: 1966

Oren Adolphus Parris born and died in Alabama

Dianne Shapiro, from Find a Grave website (accessed 6/20/2022)

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All ye that bear a heavy burdenO. A. Parris (Author)2
Although I have troublesO. A. Parris (Author)2
As we travel the blessed homeward roadO. A. Parris (Author)2
At dawn of morning I'll lay all burdens downO. A. Parris (Author)2
Christ is coming back to reign upon the earth againO. A. P. (Author)3
Dark stormy clouds were overheadO. A. Parris (Author)3
Do not weep for me, my brotherO. A. Parris (Author)2
Every day, each day, all the wayO. A. Parris (Author)2
For too long, my sinner friendO. A. Parris (Author)2
Four hundred fifty prophets could not wake old Baal from slumberO. A. Parris (Author)English2
God's workers throughout the world are longingO. A. Parris (Author)2
Have you been to Jesus with your load of sinO. A. Parris (Author)2
Held in Egypt's bondage, I had long a wandererO. A. Parris (Author)4
I am just a pilgrim strangerO. A. Parris (Author)2
I am on the upward road, leading to that bright abodeO. A. Parris (Author)English3
I am serving Jesus nowO. A. Parris (Author)2
I am so happy each day and each hourO. A. Parris (Author)2
I have wandered far from the sheltering foldO. A. Parris (Author)2
I know that in some bright, distant climeO. A. Parris (Author)3
I once was bothered with a burdenO. A. Parris (Author)2
I was a sinner far astrayO. A. Parris (Author)2
I was all lost in a valley of fearO. A. Parris (Author)2
If we would wish for moreO. A. Parris (Author)2
If you love the Savior, Be an overcomerO. A. Parris (Author)2
I'm in the Savior's happy wayO. A. Parris (Author)2
I'm living now in CanaanO. A. Parris (Author)1
In the harvest we should be reapingO. A. Parris (Author)2
In the long ago there lived a little shepherd boyO. A. Parris (Author)2
In this world of sorrow, 'mid the toil and strifeO. A. Parris (Author)English2
I've felt the cold barren countryO. A. Parris (Author)2
I've never been in the fiery furnaceO. A. Parris (Author)2
Jesus is my Pilot on life's rolling tideO. A. Parris (Author)2
Jesus, my Savior, blessed Redeemer, Keep on walkingO. A. Parris (Author)1
Joy-bells are ringing in my happy soul todayO. A. Parris (Author)English2
Let us all rejoice and praise the LordO. A. Parris (Author)2
Long I have been seeking a homeO. A. Parris (Author)2
Long I have been travelingO. A. Parris (Author)2
Love such as never in the past had beenO. A. Parris (Author)2
Many are dreary, footsore and wearyO. A. Parris (Author)English2
Mid the strife and woe of this lifeO. A. Parris (Author)2
Music will sweetly fillO. A. Parris (Author)2
My mind goes back to the timeO. A. Parris (Author)2
My thoughts are turning todayO. A. Parris (Author)2
O we are only pilgrims in this world belowO. A. Parris (Author)2
Often I hear voices so clearO. A. Parris (Author)2
Often times we have our sorrows hereO. A. Parris (Author)2
On the rising day, we will speed awayO. A. Parris (Author)2
On the stormy banks we standO. A. Parris (Author)2
Once I was burdened with a heavyO. A. Parris (Author)2
Once I was straying far out in the coldO. A. Parris (Author)3
Once my soul was strugglingO. A. Parris (Author)3
Our home once was bright and fairO. A. Parris (Author)2
Pilgrims for Jesus, we are happy and freeA. Parris (Author)English3
Pilgrims on the way to gloryO. A. Parris (Author)1
Since my Savior came and found me, I am happyO. A. Parris (Author)2
Since my sins have been forgiven, and I'm in theO. A. Parris (Author)2
Some day, glad day, on heaven's golden shoreO. A. Parris (Author)2
Some day I'll lay my burden downO. A. Parris (Author)2
Some happy day my soul will riseO. A. Parris (Author)2
Soon our traveling days will be endedO. A. Parris (Author)2
Storms of life are ragingO. A. Parris (Author)2
The blessed Savior paid our ransomO. A. Parris (Author)2
The blessed Savior sufferedO. A. Parris (Author)2
The Lord is leading me todayO. A. Parris (Author)English2
The road to glory seems so longO. A. Parris (Author)English2
There is a land in worlds aboveO. A. Parris (Author)2
There will come a leaving dayO. A. Parris (Author)2
There's a happy new feelingO. A. Parris (Author)2
Thou, O Lord, hath kindly led meO. A. Parris (Author)2
Though you must be leavingO. A. Parris (Author)2
Time has wrought so many changesO. A. Parris (Author)2
Today I've changed my dwelling placeO. A. Parris (Author)2
Up Calvary's mountain our Savior bore the treeO. A. Parris (Author)2
Upon the homeward roadO. A. Parris (Author)2
We are looking for the dawn of a perfect golden dayO. A. Parris (Author)2
We are now a cheerful band of Christians trueO. A. Parris (Author)2
We are often bowed with a load of sorrowO. A. Parris (Author)6
We shall reach the city brightO. A. Parris (Author)2
We'll march on to Zion with God's banner over usO. A. Parris (Author)English2
We've a bright new home o'er the crystalO. A. Parris (Author)2
We've made a long and tedious journeyO. A. Parris (Author)2
When I'm bowed with care and trouble hereO. A. Parris (Author)2
When our work is ended and we have ascended (Parris)O. A. Parris (Author)2
While here we travel as a pilgrimO. A. Parris (Author)2
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