Adoniram J. Patterson

Short Name: Adoniram J. Patterson
Full Name: Patterson, Adoniram J. (Adoniram Judson), 1827-1909
Birth Year: 1827
Death Year: 1909

Patterson, Rev. Adoniram Judson, D.D., Litt.D. (Spring, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, April 3, 1827--November 3, 1909, Roxbury, Massachusetts). He was educated at West Springfield Academy, Penn., and at Tufts College, and was ordained as a Universalist minister at Harbor Creek, Penn., in June, 1854. He served churches in Girard, Penn., 1853-1855; in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 1855-1866; and in Roxbury, Massachusetts, 1866-1888.

Two of his hymns are included in Church Harmonies: New and Old, 1895:
1. Father, in this sacred hour
2. In Thee, our Father, are we all at home

This last was included in Hymns of the Church, 1907, and altered to read, "In Thee, O Father, are we all at home" in Hymns of the Spirit, 1937.

--Henry Wilder Foote, DNAH Archives

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