William J. Pearson

Short Name: William J. Pearson
Full Name: Pearson, William J., 1832-1892
Birth Year: 1832
Death Year: 1892
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Texts by William J. Pearson (22)sort iconAsInstances
Amen for the flag to the Army so dearWilliam Pearson (Author)3
Christ of self denialWilliam Pearson (Author)2
Come, join our army, to battle we [we'll] goWilliam Pearson (Author)8
Give me the faith that Jesus hadWilliam Pearson (Author)3
God is keeping his soldiers fightingWilliam Pearson (Author)6
I want the faith of GodWilliam Pearson (Author)2
I'm set apart for JesusWilliam Pearson (Author)2
It is the blood that washes whiteWilliam J. Pearson (Author)1
Jesus, give thy blood washed ArmyWilliam Pearson (Author)2
Jesus, hear thy soldiers cryingWilliam Pearson (Author)2
Jesus, lead me up the mountainWilliam J. Pearson (Author)7
Jesus, save me through and throughWilliam J. Pearson (Author)2
Jesus, thy fulness giveWilliam Pearson (Author)2
Jesus, thy purity bestowWilliam Pearson (Author)2
Joy, joy, joy, there is joy in the Salvation ArmyWilliam Pearson (Author)3
Lord, give me more soul saving loveWilliam Pearson (Author)2
O thou God of every nationWilliam Pearson (Author)6
To leave the world below march upward with our bandWilliam Pearson (Author)5
To save the world is our desireWilliam Pearson (Author)3
We are marching home to gloryWilliam Pearson (Author)1
We praise thee, Lord, with heart and voiceWilliam Pearson (Author)2
We're an army fighting for a glorious KingWilliam Pearson (Author)2
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