Henry S. Perkins

Henry S. Perkins
Short Name: Henry S. Perkins
Full Name: Perkins, H. S. (Henry Southwick), 1833-1914
Birth Year: 1833
Death Year: 1914

Brother of Will­iam Per­kins, Henry in­her­it­ed mu­sic­al tal­ent from his par­ents: his fa­ther was a not­ed sing­ing teach­er, and his mo­ther an ex­cel­lent vo­cal­ist. He re­ceived his first mu­sic­al train­ing from his fa­ther, and at­tend­ed some of the best li­ter­ary schools in his youth. His for­mal mu­sic ed­u­ca­tion be­gan in 1857, when he en­tered the Bos­ton Mu­sic School, where he grad­u­at­ed in 1861. For over 20 years, he de­vot­ed con­sid­er­a­ble time to con­duct­ing mu­sic fes­ti­vals and con­ven­tions through­out Amer­i­ca, from Maine to Cal­i­for­nia, and in teach­ing in "nor­mal" mu­sic schools in New York, Ohio, In­di­a­na, Wis­con­sin, Io­wa, Col­o­ra­do, Kan­sas, and Tex­as. He al­so served as Pro­fess­or of Mu­sic at the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Io­wa (1867-1869); prin­ci­pal of the Io­wa Acad­e­my of Mu­sic, Io­wa Ci­ty, for five years; and prin­ci­pal at the Kan­sas Nor­mal Mu­sic School for five con­se­cu­tive sum­mers. He al­so com­posed vo­cal mu­sic for choirs, Sun­day school, pub­lic schools, chor­al so­ci­e­ties, con­ven­tions and fes­ti­vals. He helped or­ganize the Mu­sic Teach­ers’ Na­tion­al As­so­ci­a­tion in 1876, and served in near­ly ev­ery of­fi­cial ca­pa­ci­ty in that or­gan­i­za­tion be­tween 1887 and 1897. He al­so or­gan­ized the Il­li­nois Mu­sic Teach­ers’ As­so­ci­a­tion in 1886, and served as its pre­si­dent for 10 years. He set­tled in Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois, in 1872, and was a not­ed mu­sic cri­tic for the pa­pers there. In 1891, he es­tab­lished the Chi­ca­go Na­tio­nal Coll­ege of Mu­sic.

His works in­clude:
The Night­ing­ale, 1860
Sabbath School Trump­et, 1864
Church Bell, 1867
Col­lege Hymn and Tune Book, 1868
Perkins’ Vo­cal Method, 1868
Song Echo, 1871
Advance, 1872
River of Life, 1873
Headlight, 1873
Convention Chor­us­es, 1874
Sunnyside, 1875
Shining Ri­ver, 1875
New Cen­tu­ry, 1876
Glee and Chor­us Book, 1876
Graded Mu­sic Read­er, 1877, 1878
Glorious Tid­ings, 1878
Perkins’ Class and Choir, 1879
Perkins’ Graded An­thems, 1880
Palms of Vic­to­ry, 1880
Model Class Book, 1881
Good Tem­plar, 1881
Song Wave, 1882
The Wave­let, 1882


Texts by Henry S. Perkins (33)sort descendingAsInstances
A happy New Year forH. S. Perkins (Author)2
All hail, thou Prince of PeaceHenry S. Perkins (Author)3
Beautiful gate, beautiful gate, Standing wide open all dayHenry S. Perkins (Author)2
Come to the house of prayer, Come and commune with heavenHenry S. Perkins (Author)2
Come to the house of prayer, It is the nightHenry S. Perkins (Author)2
Flow on, thou shining river, and mayH. S. Perkins (Author)2
Gird on the armor, brave soul, todayH. S. Perkins (Author)5
Go ye into the world, preach the gospel of peaceHenry S. Perkins (Author)4
Hark, it is the happy, happy Christmas timeHenry S. Perkins (Author)3
Hark, listen to the chimingHenry S. Perkins (Author)2
Ho, everyone that thirsteth, Come ye to the brinkHenry S. Perkins (Author)3
I want to be like Jesus (Perkins)Henry S. Perkins (Author)2
In the cleft of rock, by the sideHenry S. Perkins (Author)2
Merrily, joyfully, ring outHenry S. Perkins (Author)4
No night in the land of the blessedHenry S. Perkins (Author)2
Suffer little children to come unto me, For such are of the kingdom in heavenly realmsHenry S. Perkins (Author)2
Sweetly the birds are singing at EasterH. S. Perkins (Author)1
Thanks be to God for the victory over sinH. S. Perkins (Author)12
There is a heavenly land aboveH. S. P. (Author)2
There is a land beyond the river, A land of spirits pure and whiteHenry S. Perkins (Author)2
There's a beautiful river aboveHenry S. Perkins (Author)2
There's always a riverHenry S. Perkins (Author)1
This is the day that Christ aroseHenry S. Perkins (Author)2
'Twas in the hour of darkestHenry S. Perkins (Author)2
Wandering through this valeHenry S. Perkins (Author)2
We will chant in psalmsH. S. Perkins (Author)2
We will join in glad thanksgivingHenry S. Perkins (Author)2
We will sing of the Savior'sHenry S. Perkins (Author)2
Why should the children go hungryHenry S. Perkins (Author)4
With heartfelt adorationHenry S. Perkins (Author)2
With joyful hearts we lookH. S. Perkins (Author)4
With joyful hearts we look to thee, Beautiful vale of restHenry S. Perkins (Author)7
Yes, Jesus loves the little onesHenry S. Perkins (Author)2

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