Lewi Pethrus

Short Name: Lewi Pethrus
Full Name: Pethrus, Lewi, 1884-1974
Birth Year: 1884
Death Year: 1974

Pethrus, Lewi. (Älvsborgs län, Sweden, March 11, 1884--1974). Pentecostal. Studied at Bethel Seminary (Baptist) in Stockholm. Pastorates at Baptist Church in Lidköping and Philadelphia Church in Stockholm, 1911. Church and pastor became leader of Pentecostals in Sweden. Wrote several book and with Paul Ongman published a hymnal, Segertoner (Songs of Victory), which had 13 original hymns by Pethrus. Author and composer of "Löftena kunna ej svika" (All That Our Savior Hath Spoken).

--J. Irving Erickson, DNAH Archives

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