R. L. Powell

Short Name: R. L. Powell
Full Name: Powell, R. L.
Birth Year: 1888
Death Year: 1933

Robert Lawrence Powell known as "Richard" born in Texas, died in Texas.

Dianne Shapiro, from Find a Grave website (accessed 6/20/2022)

Texts by R. L. Powell (22)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
After the battle we shall the King beholdR. L. Powell (Author)2
Blessed thought is mine todayR. L. Powell (Author)2
Gladly now my soul can singR. L. Powell (Author)2
Glory bells are sweetly ringingR. L. Powell (Author)2
Happy day when I was freed from sinR. L. Powell (Author)2
I am looking for the comingR. L. Powell (Author)3
In the service of the Master all alongR. L. Powell (Author)2
I've been redeemed through blood that streamedR. L. Powell (Author)2
Living in the sunlight bathing in its raysR. L. Powell (Author)3
O how wonderful is the King of GloryR. L. Powell (Author)2
Some glad day beyond the silent riverR. L. Powell (Author)2
There is a city built of jasperR. L. Powell (Author)English4
There's a glad day coming for the ransomed soulR. L. Powell (Author)4
Tramp, tramp, tramp, to battlefields we're goingR. L. Powell (Author)3
We are traveling on toward that land of songR. L. Powell (Author)3
We will praise our worthy King in songR. L. Powell (Author)2
We will walk every day in the narrow wayR. L. Powell (Author)2
We're a happy band and we're marching onR. L. Powell (Author)4
We're sailing on life's oceanR. L. Powell (Author)1
When the Savior comes for his chosen onesR. L. Powell (Author)14
Why did the lowly NazareneR. L. Powell (Author)2
With the gospel banner o'er meR. L. Powell (Author)2
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