Andrew Pratt

Short Name: Andrew Pratt
Full Name: Pratt, Andrew, 1948-
Birth Year: 1948 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Andrew Pratt (30)sort descendingAsInstances
A man lay beaten, left for deadAndrew Pratt (Author)2
At the learning curve's beginningAndrew Pratt (Author)2
Best of all is God is with usAndrew Pratt, b. 1948 (Author)2
Earth-maker, source of the world and our wisdomAndrew Pratt (Author)2
God is born among us: earth receives the Christ childAndrew Pratt, b. 1948 (Translator)2
Great God, as We Are GatheringAndrew Pratt, 1948- (Author)2
Help us, O God, to create a new futureAndrew Pratt (Author)2
Help us trace your rainbow colorsAndrew Pratt (Author)2
Here in joy we offer praisesAndrew Pratt (Author)2
Here is a canvas as broad as creationAndrew Pratt (Author)2
Here is peace, when grace astounds usAndrew Pratt (Author)2
Here where dreams are more than visionsAndrew Pratt (Author)2
Hidden, yet hurting, while need the comfortAndrew Pratt (Author)2
Hopeless to help in this violence, this crisisAndrew Pratt (Author)2
Idyllic beaches break the wavesAndrew Pratt (Alterer)2
If we claim to love our neighborAndrew Pratt (Author)2
In our end is our beginningAndrew Pratt (Author)2
In the beginning God played with the planetsAndrew Pratt, b. 1948 (Author)2
It seems inhuman, who could killAndrew Pratt (Author)2
Look: such horror, torn, then torturedAndrew Pratt (Author)2
Love inspired the angerAndrew Pratt, b. 1948 (Author)2
Mary and Joseph came to the templeAndrew Pratt (Author)3
Much brighter than a thousand sunsAndrew Pratt (Author)2
O God, beyond all thoughtAndrew Pratt, b. 1948 (Author)2
On Friday, when the sky was darkAndrew Pratt (Author)2
The perfect law we fail to keepAndrew Pratt (Author)2
There are no strangers to God's loveAndrew Pratt (Author)2
We come to you, O God, as friendsAndrew Pratt (Author)2
We come to you with no pretenceAndrew Pratt, b. 1948 (Author)2
We see the eyes of Mary shineAndrew Pratt, b. 1948 (Author)2
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