Alfred E. Redhead

Short Name: Alfred E. Redhead
Full Name: Redhead, Alfred Edward, 1855-1937
Birth Year: 1855
Death Year: 1937

Tunes by Alfred E. Redhead (16)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[Carol we high, carol we low]A. Redhead (Composer)356715 32117 65355
[Dread hours that slowly rolled]Alfred Redhead (Composer)236665 55445 67666
[Early with blush of dawn] (33463)A. Redhead (Composer)133463 33122 44563
GOD WHEN HE MADE THIS WORLDAlfred Redhead (Composer)355567 17655 11123
HOLY CROSS (Redhead)Alfred Redhead (Composer)2
KETTLEBELLA. Redhead (Composer)312114 65421 12114
KING ALFREDAlfred Edward Redhead (Composer)233321 44326 55617
[O Lord Jesus, Lamb of God!]Alfred Redhead (Composer)2
PRAISE HIM, PRAISE HIM (Redhead)Alfred Redhead (Composer)255113 21231 66642
THE ANGELS' SONGSAlfred Redhead (Composer)333345 67123 21766
THE CHURCH OF ENGLANDAlfred Redhead (Composer)251112 33451 12255
THE STORY OF THE CROSS (Redhead)A. Redhead (Composer)417653 56543 33512
WE ARE MARCHING (Redhead)Alfred Redhead (Composer)734567 13261 76555
WITHIN A MANGERAlfred Redhead (Composer)336321 71673 66654
[Within the upper room]Alfred Redhead (Composer)2
[You are wealthy, come worship Him low]Alfred Redhead (Composer)217122 32345 45611
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