Charles S. Robinson

Charles S. Robinson
Short Name: Charles S. Robinson
Full Name: Robinson, Charles S. (Charles Seymour), 1829-1899
Birth Year: 1829
Death Year: 1899

Robinson, Charles Seymour, D.D., was born at Bennington, Vermont, March 31, 1829, and educated at William College, 1849, and in theology, at Union Seminary, New York (1852-53), and Princeton (1853-55). He became Presbyterian Pastor at Troy, 1855; at Brooklyn, 1860; of the American chapel in Paris (France), 1868; and of the Memorial Presbyterian Church, New York, 1870. During 1876-77 he was editor of the Illustrated Christian Weekly. As an editor of hymn-books he has been most successful. His Songs of the Church were published in 1862; Songs for the Sanctuary, 1865; Spiritual Songs, 1878; and Laudes Domini, A Selection of Spiritual Songs, Ancient and Modern, 1884. His Songs for the Sanctuary has probably had a wider sale than any other unofficial American collection of any denomination, and the Laudes Domini is a book of great excellence. Dr. Robinson has composed a few hymns, including, "Saviour, I follow on" (Following Christ), in his Song of the Church, 1862, and "Isles of the South, your redemption is nearing " (Missions), in his Songs for the Sanctuary, 1865. The latter is given in Dr. Hatfield's Church Hymn Book, 1872, as "Lands long benighted." [Rev. F. M. Bird, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Charles S. Robinson (16)sort descendingAsInstances
For me to live is Christ; to die is endless gainCharles Seymour Robinson, 1829-1899 (Translator)2
For thy rich, thy free redemptionCharles S. Robinson (Author)2
Glory to God, Peace on the earthCharles S. Robinson (Author)10
Heavenly Father, grant us graceCharles S. Robinson (Author)2
Heavenly Father, grant us our Master's willCharles S. Robinson (Author)2
Heiland, ich folge dir, auf steiler BahnCharles S. Robinson (Author)1
Isles of the south, your redemption is nearingC. S. Robinson (Author)7
Lands, long benighted, the morning is nearingRev. Charles S. Robinson (Author)2
Marching on, marching on, In the ranks of ChristRev. Charles Seymour Robinson, 1829-1899 (Author)4
Nearer, my God, to thee (Robinson)Rev. C. S. Robinson (Author)2
O come and sing, Your praisesCharles S. Robinson (Author)1
Savior, I follow onRobinson (Author)99
Tell me, my Savior, where thou dost feed thy flockCharles S. Robinson (Author)20
The mourning hours are endedRobinson (Author)2
We are homeward bound to the landC. S. R. (Author)2
When my soul within sorrowed with its sinC. S. R. (Author)5
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