Henrik Rung

Short Name: Henrik Rung
Full Name: Rung, Henrik, 1807-1871
Birth Year: 1807
Death Year: 1871
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Tunes by Henrik Rung (7)sort descendingAsInstances
[Hallowed church bells, not for earthly centers]H. Rung (Composer)2
JUTLANDH. Rung (Composer)4
[On the new Jerusalem]H. Rung (Composer)3
RUNG (Rung 13145)H. Rung, 1807-1871 (Composer)5
RUNG (Rung 54365)H. Rung (Composer)4
[The sun now shines in all its splendor]H. Rung (Composer)3
[We are in our Father's hand]H. Rung (Composer)2
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